The Boogiemen inc. – Rocket surgery

Norwegian band The Boogiemen inc. started their careers in the early nineties as a purist Blues and Rhythm and Blues band, but ove the years they have evolved to more of a rock band in the vein of Rolling Stones or The Faces.  They take influences from a range of music including fifties rockabilly, R&B, Country and Western, and heavy guitar rock.

“Rocket surgery” is the bands eighth album.

This is great rock music and the rhythm and blues influences are definitely clear.  Brief comments on a couple of tracks…

Opening track “Jezebel” is a great song that is rock with a Tom Petty sound to it.  A great start to the album.

“Pick up the trash” has a guitar riff that has a definite feel of The Rolling Stones to it.  Another strong track

“Rocket surgery” is a definite rock and roll track with a 50s feel and really ends the album on a high – a great track.

It’s really nice when you pick up an album by a band you know nothing of and on listening to it find it’s really enjoyable.  That’s what I found with this album – I’d never heard of The Boogiemen Inc before but after listening to this album I’ll certainly be looking for more of their music.

It’s an excellent album – highly recommended.

Rating 8.5/10

“Rocket surgery” is out now.

The Boogiemen Inc. are:

Ola Kroken – Vocals/Rhythm guitar
Roger Wuttadal – Lead guitar
Jon Slordal – Bass
Inge Hanshus – Drums

Track listing:

1. Jezebel
2. Nice and easy
3. 49 & 61
4. The show ain’t over
5. Pick up the trash
6. Nobody home
7. Driftwood
8. Moving on down
9. Snake oil
10. Get down and get with it
11. Another rainy day
12. Rocket surgery

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