The Birthday Massacre – Under Your Spell

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The Birthday Massacre

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On 25 May 2017
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A very tantalizing album for both old and new fans, this is definitely one for anyone who is truly looking for something unique from the market, outstanding job as always by The Birthday Massacre.

The Birthday Massacre – Under Your Spell

Up for review today is the outstanding new album ‘Under Your Spell‘ from the incredibly talented ‘The Birthday Massacre‘. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band here is a little background on their development and their exciting journey to date: in 1999 the band formed, independently produced and released their first two albums ‘Nothing and Nowhere’ and ‘Violet’. The band were in high demand and obtained an incredible large and loyal fan base all over the world leading to the band signing to Metropolis Records in 2005. In 2007 the wait was over for fans as the band released the wildly popular ‘Walking With Strangers’ which lead to international performances for the band. In 2010 we were once again delivered an breathtaking release from the band ‘Pins And Needles’.

Over the years The Birthday Massacre have just managed to go from strength to strength, managing to secure their unique sound within the industry and firmly rooting their place within their fans’ hearts. The band’s upcoming seventh full length release ‘Under Your Spell’ (due to be released 9th June 2017) is yet another piece of brilliance to add to the bands discography, showing a true rawness and vulnerability which provides yet another layer to the bands depth and effect.

The first track from the album is the incredible ‘One’ which instantly delivers the truly unique sounds of ‘The Birthday Massacre’. The incredible Chibi’s vocals, as always, manage to take the listener on the journey and that instantly partnered with the guitars during the solo provides the perfect start to a long awaited album release.

‘Under Your Spell’ has a different feel from the other tracks on the album; it is more emotive, expressive if you will. The chorus and rhythm throughout is one which really stands out to myself in particular, it’s almost enchanting the listener into the music in ways that only ‘The Birthday Massacre’ can. The incredible sound as a whole on this song in particular is one which quickly is making this a personal favorite song of mine. Next up we have the very atmospheric opening sequence of the catchy ‘All Of Nothing’. Once again the band has managed to create yet another element to this album, a quicker, darker element with the incredible use of synths providing a truly unique melody of which the angelic Chibi blends her vocals providing this feeling of hope within this song in particular. The drumming on this track is also one which manages to truly rise above others on the album.

‘Without You’ comes in with a catchy and upbeat rhythm leading directly into the once again enchanting vocals especially when it comes to the chorus of this song. The strong drum beat and guitar use within this song aid in providing the listener with a very atmospheric plane of which you can hear the emotion behind the lyrics, it is a beautiful track. Now we are very pleasantly introduced to the incredible ‘Counterpane’ which truly packs an industrial punch that makes a huge impact in all the right ways. The tempo throughout this track is one which is very catchy not to mention the lyrics within the chorus which beguile the listener. Also the guitar tone on this track in particular is one killer slide away from being deadly!

Slowing the pace we are greeted with ‘Unkind’ which manages to use the truly angelic tones within Chibi’s vocals partnered perfectly with the amazing Rainbow’s varied talents creating a perfect overall piece. The solos in this track are a personal favorite of mine as they are guaranteed to get your feet moving. ‘Games’ has something a little different hidden within this track which is true to The Birthday Massacre’s style, there is a rather enticing whisper used which provides another level to the album as well as combining the bands vulnerability provided through the entire album.

My overall perception of ‘Under Your Spell’ has to be that the guys have gone above and beyond with the unique tones and rawness of the lyrics leading to the open feeling of the album. I would highly recommend this album to both old and new fans of the band. Leading me onto the subject of my personal favorite track which would have to be ‘Hex’ which provides all the dark elements encased within the band’s musical talent.

‘The Birthday Massacre’ have once again unleashed a an emotive collection of darkwave Gothic gems.

Track Listing

Under Your Spell
All Of Nothing
Without You
No Tomorrow
The Lowest Low

Line Up

Chibi – Vocals
Rainbow – Guitars/Programming/Vocals
M.Falcore – Guitars
Rhim – Drums
Owen – Keyboards
Nate Manor – Bass


A very tantalizing album for both old and new fans, this is definitely one for anyone who is truly looking for something unique from the market, outstanding job as always by The Birthday Massacre.

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