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On 31 May 2018
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With this impressive debut, The Asif Outlaws will definitely be most wanted!

First caught this captivating band a few months ago opening a Cancer fundraising gig in Nantwich; proving my point to watch the opening bands as you never know what you might miss! The Surrey based The Asif Outlaws, fronted by Asif Ali were a joy to behold as they veered from grunge to rock to folk in the blink of an eye. This self titled debut album is currently available directly from the band.

Opener ‘Down The River’ has heavy, buzzing guitar lines throughout broken up by a searing saxophone break midway from Jackie Taylor as it ends on a feedback drenched guitar outro. Other highlights are the short, sharp punky romp of ‘Imaginary Hero’ driven along by some snappy snare work from David Etheridge and that sax rears its head once again. ‘Love Pump’ is a bluesy shuffle backed by beefy riffs and dexterous guitar solos. ‘Care’ will get you snapping your fingers along to this mellow jazzy number which brought to mind early Mink Deville.

‘Goat’s Cheese’ is a heads down, hair flying rocker with a Boston like guitar tone in the main riff but the sax parts steal the show. ‘Believe’ is a sumptuous ballad with an almost Lennon like delivery from Asif. The almost whispered vocal, sparse guitar lines and soothing sax draw you in to the melancholy vibe making ‘Break The Key’ my personal favourite. ‘Sunlight’ strides along with a Ziggy era Bowie like menace and the album closes with the eleven minute epic ‘Commitment Phobe’. Everything is thrown into the pot as it opens up like ‘Nantucket Sleighride’ that morphs into heavy grunge like passages as it crashes to a close on wailing guitar freak outs.

Album track listing :-

Down The River.

Imaginary Hero.

Love Pump.


Hushabye Mountain.

Goat’s Cheese.

Mother Nature’s Daughter.


Break The Key.

She’ll Eat Out Your Eyes.


Commitment Phobe.


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With this impressive debut, The Asif Outlaws will definitely be most wanted!

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