TesseracT – Perspective (E.P)

2011 was the year when UK progressive metallers TesseracT leaped from the internet underground to become the UK’s fastest rising international metal prospect.
The debut album ‘One’, released in March, received a phenomenal response with music fans and the press alike, making many of the critics top albums of 2011 lists, including those in Metal Hammer and Classic Rock Prog magazines.

With there debut album under there belt most people would think that electronic influenced djent inspiring noisters TesseracT would play it safe and put out an e.p of similar sounds.

They would be wrong. Never being a band that is afraid to experiment TesseracT turn there sounds on its head with this acoustic inspired offering.

Opening track “Perfection” sets the scene for breaking out of the djent enshrined mould and into a territory that few bands dare to tread producing an acoustic mix that demonstrates yet another façade to this rapidly ascending band.

Merging electronic, synth based backing with acoustic guitars really brings the best out of Elliot Colemans vocals merging it all together into a seamless steam of experimental brilliance. “April” and “Origin” continues the almost pure acoustic mix.

”Dream Brother” demonstrates more electronic influences, before “Eden 2.0” returns to the wining djent formulae that TesseracT are known for.

Overall “Perspective” is a fine, well-constructed and mastered e.p but it will be one that fans of the band will either love or hate.  Regardless of how the opinions lye this e.p has proved that TesseracT will continue to evolve and to try out new sounds and more than justify the hype surrounding the band.
Highlight of the e.p: “Eden 2.0”


Track Listing:
1.Perfection (acoustic)
2.April (acoustic)
3.Origin (acoustic)
4.Dream Brother
5.Eden 2.0

Elliott Coleman – vocals
Acle Kahney – guitar
James Monteith – guitar
Amos Williams – bass & vocals
Jay Postones – drums

Website: www.tesseractband.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tesseractband
Myspace: www.myspace.com/tesseract
Twitter: www.twitter.com/tesseractband
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/tesseractproject

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