Tarja – Act 1 (DVD/Blu Ray)

Former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen is about to release her first live CD/DVD/Blu Ray – Act 1.  It was recorded at the end of March 2012 in Argentina.

Planetmosh recently reviewed the CD version of Act 1 – you can read the review here – http://planetmosh.com/tarja-act-1-cd/

Now it’s the turn of the DVD release of Act 1.

The DVD opens with around four minutes of footage of fans outside the venue, and Tarja and her band backstage before the concert begins with Tarja silhouetted behind a thin semi-transparent curtain and only fully revealed to the audience near the end of the first song.  Cameras behind her show what a surreal experience it must be for her singing with only a curtain visible in front of her.  As soon as the curtain drops she immediately starts to use the previously empty front half of the stage.

Impressively for her opening speech Tarja gives it in Spanish and the fans clearly appreciate the effort she has made.

Towering over one side of the stage is Mike Terrana’s huge drum kit while on the opposite side is the cellist on his raised platform.  The venue is an impressive looking old theatre which looks a similar size to the Royal Albert Hall and which is absolutely packed with fans.

The lighting is fantastic with plenty of colour and lighting effects plus use of lasers which all combine to create great visuals.  The sound is flawless – crystal clear and with plenty of power.

We get fast costume changes between songs. For my winter storm she dons a pale hooded robe to cover her dark outfit, and then during the lengthy drum solo she changes again this time into a dark ball gown.  For the encore she changes outfit again.

The drum solo at the end of “I walk alone” doesn’t feature in the cd version which is probably a good idea as without the visual aspect, drum solos are a lot less interesting. Also edited out of the CD but included in the DVD is some of the enthusiastic fan cheering between songs and also some of Tarja’s talking to the crowd. These are all bits that are best kept in a DVD but which are best edited out of the CD.  There are also other differences between the DVD and CD releases – the cover of “Still of the night” that was on the CD isnt on the DVD, and equally there is stuff on the DVD that isnt on the CD, such as the acoustic section after Nemo.

So, which to buy – the CD or DVD?  The simple answer is BOTH.  The DVD (or Blu Ray) is fantastic and you get so much more than a CD as you get the visual side of things, but equally I tend to watch a live DVD occasionally, whereas a live CD gets played far more often as I often have music on when reading or working.

A fantastic DVD that is well worth buying for all fans of Tarja and Tarja era Nightwish.

Rating 9.5/10


01. If You Believe
02. Anteroom Of Death
03. My Little Phoenix
04. Dark Star
05. Naiad
06. Falling Awake
07. I Walk Alone
08. Orpheus Hallucination / Orpheus In The Underworld
09. Little Lies (band jam)
10. Little Lies
11. Into The Sun
12. Nemo
13. Acoustic Set:
Rivers Of Lust
Minor Heaven
Montañas De Silencio
Sing For Me
I Feel Immortal
14. Never Enough
15. In For A Kill
16. Toccata And Fugue D-minor (BWV 565) / The Phantom Of The Opera
17. Die Alive
18. Until My Last Breath
19. Over The Hills And Far Away


01. Boy And The Ghost
02. Lost Northern Star
03. Ciaran‘s Well
04. Tired Of Being Alone
05. Where Were You Last Night / Heaven Is A Place On Earth / Livin’ On A Prayer
06. Underneath
07. The Reign
08. Oasis / The Archive Of Lost Dreams
09. Still Of The Night
10. Crimson Deep

+ Bonus features – Photogallery, video clip, EPK

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