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Headless Kross – Belfast, Voodoo – 30 July 2016

For Glaswegian doom mongers Headless Kross, their annual trips to the island of Ireland have become something of a pilgrimage. This evening their latest visit is well-rewarded, as, despite the gig’s early hour, Voodoo’s intimate upstairs club is rammed almost to capacity with those who enjoy their rock at the …

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Desecration – Belfast, Voodoo 19/02/2014

School night gigs in Belfast – possibly in common with most other locales – are notoriously difficult to fill, unless of course they involve a “big name” touring band.  But, increasingly, Thursday nights seem to be becoming the “new Friday” and so a healthy crowd of 70 or so grinders …

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Portrait – Belfast, Voodoo 01/02/2015

Portrait live at Voodoo, Belfast 1 February 2015

I suppose, in the interests of journalistic impartiality, we better start this review with a declaration of interest, and that is that Terminus bassist David McCallum is a PlanetMosh contributor.  The band play with a dark, thumping groove that has a ball-shaking intensity and equally dense and brooding vocals, delivered …

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Bloodshot Dawn – Belfast, Voodoo, 27/10/2014

Bloodshot Dawn - Voodoo, Belfast 27-10-2014

I’m a great believer that when you go to a gig you should make every effort to see and support every band on the bill… but, sometimes circumstances conspire against you. And so it was that, due to a scheduling conflict, as Belfast’s own Overoth (pictured left) took to the …

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Maverick – Belfast, Voodoo 05/09/2014


Sometimes it is those things that are relatively unplanned – such as that impromptu meet up after work for “a couple of pints” – which turn out to be the most enjoyable.  And so it proved with this evening, which originally was scheduled to headlined by a “tribute” band, only …

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Safe Ships – Belfast, Voodoo – 21/08/2014

Safe Ships gig poster

It was William Shakespeare (and how many times would you expect to see The Bard quoted on PlanetMosh?) who penned that immortal line about parting being such sweet sorrow… tonight, marked a parting of the ways for Belfast-based Safe Ships, as half of the band members prepare to return to …

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Baleful Creed – Belfast, Voodoo 13/06/2014

Rape Crisis Centre gig poster

For those of a superstitious mien, Friday the 13th is not exactly a lucky talisman – and so it proves, at least partially, for the organizers of this charity fundraiser gig (in aid of the hugely-underfunded Belfast Rape Crisis Centre) as, despite huge advance marketing and PR campaigns, other mitigating …

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Altus – Exclusive PlanetMosh interview


Having appeared from apparently out of nowhere less than six months ago, Altus have taken the Northern Ireland scene by the scruff of the neck and given it a jolly good old-fashioned seeing to!  They’ve certainly made some waves in that short period time – with threats of legal action …

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