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Jupiterian – ‘Archaic’ EP

Jupiterian - Artwork

Hailing from São Paulo, Jupiterian play the sort of funereal doom-laden sludge metal that is darker and denser than the rainforests which surround their home city. This EP was originally released in Brazil last July (and subsequently has been succeeded by a second EP, ‘Proclamation’, in the latter part of …

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Mark Lanegan – No Bells On Sunday

No Bells On Sunday was vocalist Mark Lanegan‘s “warning shot”, his prelude EP released just prior to his 2014 Phantom Radio full length effort. Comprised of “extra” songs that did not make the full length, this vinyl platter is a spin through a dizzying collection of alt-rock ambiance. The EP …

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Lich King – Do-Over [EP]

lich king - do-over

Part homage, part parody, and all in-your-face, Massachusetts thrash-mongers Lich King‘s seven-song EP, titled Do-Over, is a jungle of fist-pumping, headbanging riffage. Released by Evil Eye Records on Christmas Day 2014 (as a present to the band’s fans old and new), this EP is an advance warning shot, serving to …

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NekKralai – ‘Kliudžiau’ EP

NekKralai artwork

The story goes something like this… Back in 2009, in the small Lithuanian town of Seredzius, two local drunks – lets call them Gytis and Simonas (just because that’s their names!) – decided that just spending their days working and their nights drinking was not enough fulfilment:  so, they decided …

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Metal Moth – ‘Rise’ EP

Metal Moth artwork

In battle, in life, in the music business, there is nothing like having a plan of attack to help you achieve what you want to get out of any or all of them… and you certainly cannot fault Newcastle noiseniks Metal Moth for not planning ahead, with this debut EP …

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Selene – ‘Paradise Over’

Selene - Paradise Over artwork

Sometimes, no matter how well you think you know your local music scene, you suddenly find you don’t know it quite so well as you did, as something comes completely out of left field and makes you ask “where the fuck did that come from?”. In this case, I had …

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Epta7 – ‘Eptasystem’ EP

Epta7 artwork

Epta7 are a four piece from Cork, with a mixture of Irish and Italian backgrounds.  They formed in late 2012, with two additional members joining in 2013 and released their, their demo EP, ‘Eptasystem’ in May 2014. ‘Eptasystem’ is a four track EP and from the first listen it is …

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Heartbreak Remedy – Self Titled EP

.@louelladeville_ @PlanetMosh review of .@HeartbreakRmdy self titled EP Formed in Cumbria in early 2013. ‘Groove led’ Rock band Heartbreak Remedy released their self-titled debut EP earlier this year. Truth with it’s memorable refrain is similar to Vintage Caravan’s Craving. Hair of the Dog (highlight track) has a great rhythm and riffs. …

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Second Rate Angels – ‘The Lost Days’ EP

Second Rate Angels - The Lost Days Artwork

Second Rate Angels are a four piece from Hemel Hempstead, England (a place not known for metal… lol!).   They have been a  hard working band since late 2011 with a load of gigs under their belts, and they have just released their debut EP, ‘The Lost Days’. This EP is …

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Astralnaut – ‘Thieves, Beggars & Swine’

Astralnaut - Thieves EP Artwork

Armagh-based ten-legged groove machine Astralnaut have been kicking up dust – sometimes quite literally – on the Irish scene, both north and south of the border, for around about two and a half years now, particularly with their fiery and intense live shows, which have been consistently levelling venues with …

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Winnebago Deal – Bail Out [EP]

Bail Out, British punk rock duo Winnebago Deal‘s EP released specifically for Record Store Day 2014, is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it phenomenon. The EP contains four songs, clocking in at under eight minutes total. Best listened to at higher volume, Bail Out is a good listen. It will “pick you up” and …

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Altus – ‘Altus’ EP

Altus EP Artwork

Altus formed in Belfast at the end of 2012 and have been a hard working band since June 2013.  This is their second EP, recorded and mixed by Jonny Munro (of local hardcore heroes Gacys Threads) at his Bearcat Studios in the city. With this release, Altus have made a …

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Icons – ‘Lifesigns’ EP

Icons - Lifesigns Artwork

Let’s start this review with a little insight into the life of a (voluntary) music journalist… Like everyone else who writes for PlanetMosh, this reviewer has a day job.  Writing is a hobby, and we all do what we do for the love of the music we love – namely …

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Alexis Kings – Keep It Sexy

Keep It Sexy is the offering of St. Albans rockers Alexis Kings, released on March 11th through digital download. After hearing the single “1972”, I was quite impressed with the energy and general style of the track. It’s very Kings of Leon with the swagger of Arctic Monkeys which may …

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Animus – Fall Of The Elite

Animus are a new Scottish “progressive metal band who draw influences from Djent, Tech, and Death metal bands.” On the cusp of their maiden tour, Animus, widely characterized as “Djent”, have released their nicely produced, four-song EP debut, Fall Of The Elite. They stick nicely to an extreme theme throughout …

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Automaton – Echoes Of Mount Ida

This debut three track EP from Athenians five piece Automaton is one which is unashamedly and proudly rooted in the drone doom tradition of bands such as Sleep and YOB, with the heritage of these acts seeping and flowing through every last second of the 33 compulsive minutes. With fuzzed-out …

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