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Sonisphere 2014 – Sunday 6th July – Review

As Gojira walked onto the stage there was still a roadie drilling screws into the stage in a frantic hurry. Gojira have been touring on the back of L’Enfant Sauvage for almost two solid years and they were tighter than a ducks arse. Crushing riffs, brutal vocals and pummelling backbeats, …

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Beastmilk – Climax (Svart)

Beastmilk were formed in Helsinki Finland in 2010. Formed by the aptly named Goatspeed and Kvohst to create what they describe as “apocalyptic post-punk.” They were quickly picked up by the Svart label after the release of their debut demo “White Stains On Black Tape” which sold out fast and …

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