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On 14 March 2014
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Reverse Exorcism!, the catchy modern rock & roll single by Sweethead, is reviewed at PlanetMosh by Iris North.

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The musical brainchild between Troy van Leeuwen (Failure, A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stone Age) and Serrina Sims, California’s alt-rock Sweethead takes it’s name from a vintage “vulgar” David Bowie song, and it’s sound from the various eras of rock music. Premiered quietly in November 2013, the band’s catchy “Reverse Exorcism!” single is currently making proper rounds. The band continues to prepare for the release their second full-length album, so they’re pounding the pavement, pushing a professionally filmed and recorded “rock video”. This tantalizes fans new and old alike.

Jangled without being jumbled, sparkly without tarnish, the song and it’s accompanying video capture some of the glitz and shimmer of a Hollywood vignette. “Reverse Exorcism!” is undeniably alluring, decadent, and sensual. The vocals highlight the lower end of Sims’s vocal range. The shrewd songwriting skills of Van Leeuwen and Sims artfully use “background” vocal underlay, especially near the end, as an accent. A rich low end with a simple bass-driven hook allows the song to hit hard. Textures like sizzling synth and gritty scratch chord guitar rhythm add to it’s allure.

Directed by Kii Arens and meant to be a “short flick” or a “mini movie”, this immersive and intense video adds a dynamic layer to an already-romping rocker. “Reverse Exorcism!” stars Jesse Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal) as Father Hughes, present at a nightclub, to either genuinely exorcise or reverse-exorcise upscale showgirl Sims. That’s a joyous juxtaposition and a fantastic counterpoint: the confrontation between good and evil. It captures your imagination. Fleeting overlays, like the “SH” pentagram, add interest, and a hearty dose of fun.

Don’t take my word for it: give ‘er a whirl yourself!


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Reverse Exorcism!, the catchy modern rock & roll single by Sweethead, is reviewed at PlanetMosh by Iris North.

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