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On 16 January 2014
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In summary, it's a bloody good and well delivered diverse album, worthy of a place in any CD collection. Which is why it will be in mine when released!!

.@SuperchargerDK to release new album at end of January.

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From the home of  Hans Christian Andersen now come the latest modern day story tellers, but of the metal kind ! ‘Supercharger’ are one of Denmark’s most recent best kept secrets, they formed in 2009 and the band based in Copenhagen have already produced two albums, the award winning debut ‘Handgrenade Blues ‘ in 2009 and ‘Thats How We Roll ‘ in 2011. Made up of six band members this metal rock group come with a multi mixture of songs and styles from ‘Like A Pit Bull ‘, a song that is brimming over with hard rock emotion, right through to the bluegrass style beginnings of ‘Hung Over In Hamburg ‘.


Why have I and so many other metal heads in the UK not heard their music before? I’ll tell ya why, because they’re so damn good the Danes don’t want to give them up! Thats why!! But at last we now have a chance to hear these guys really rock, after I smuggled out ( at great personal peril ) their soon to be released next awesome album on the 29th of January through Gain Music Entertainment. As a pre-album release taster, the guys have just recently put out a single on the 8th of January ( taken from the album ) called ‘Blood Red Lips ‘ featuring both Moustache’s Ralf Gyllenhammar on vocals, and David Johannesson ‘s contributions on the guitar solo. Nicke Borg ( Backyard Babies) also contributes with vocals on the song “Five Hours Of Nothing “.

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Photography By Kind Permission Of Katja Michaelsen

The groups self-titled ( explicit ) song ‘Supercharger ‘ is a powerful intense riff soaked track about self-pity and melancholy, a person blaming everyone else for their own problems in life.  Mikkel Neperus ( lead singer ) can really belt out a blinder of a song, and on this track he holds nothing back here telling us all to “brace your self for Supercharger !” Well come on guy’s, the UK is ready and waiting!!

Blood Red Lips ‘ starts by giving us a hint of that deep south sound with a twangy guitar twist riff, interlaced with a punchy rock n roll beat. Good story lyrics take you on a journey of wanton lust and temptation of the yet unknown pleasures of the flesh! I,ve never heard so many different types of guitar and style played on one song. You’ll have to listen in carefully to pick up all the harmony’s in this original track full of blue grass and rock riffs.

As this is a twelve track album, I,m not going to talk about each and every song. So here is just a few more I,ve picked out at random to give you an idea ( hopefully ) of whats install for you all.

Yeah Yeah Yeah ‘ is a lively mix of rock wrapped up in the sounds of the Everglades, reverberating with a great harmonica solo followed up with a tremendous guitar riff. An emotional, unique and rousing song which belays the message coming across in the lyrics. Meanwhile ‘Hung Over In Hamburg ‘, brings you the use of the simple good old banjo to great effect, then it just explodes into a cacophony of rock n blues sounds, again on the theme of an old boy southern swamp band you might just find playing down at Porkey’s nightclub, but in Hamburg!!  

Lastly ‘The Crash ‘, a pretty straight forward back to roots rock song that’s the main bread and butter of Danish group Supercharger. It ticks all the right boxes in my opinion, giving all us metal heads a great song to listen too and practice our dad dancing skills with (well, me anyway! ) Nice steady beat inter-fed with good lyrics and some real smart guitar work from both the bass and lead guitars.

In summary. It’s a bloody good and well delivered diverse album, very worthy of a place in any CD collection. Which is why it will be in mine when released!!  


After listening to the bands album I asked Mikkel Neperus  ( lead singer ) a few questions……..

Where did you get the inspiration for songs such as ‘Blood Red Lips ‘, ‘Hung Over In Hamburg ‘ and the brilliant ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah ‘?  

“Well..! The inspiration for Blood Red Lips comes from too many late night’s out in Hamburg, Amsterdam and all those other “adult playgrounds” we all have available in Europe. In that particular song, I’m basically trying to capture the whole environment and vibe, one can experience when visiting such places.
Hungover in Hamburg is a song, about one of those days where you just wake up and wonders where you are, what you did and what in the hell happened to your face… Hamburg can have that effect on you.
Regarding the Yeah Yeah Yeah song… -I know that the title doesn’t sound like a deep or a personal song but it actually is. The song pins down what self destruction and how “fucking up” can become a comfort zone”.
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I see from your band line up you have a keyboard player ( Lars Rygaard ) who also plays the Harp! Have you used this instrument in any of your new songs?   

“Yeah .! Lars is just all over the place on this record and has actually become a pretty important part of the whole supersound picture. Kinda pisses me off as the eccentric leadsinger I am . Hehe . .!”

What are your plans for 2014? and will we get to see and hear you in the UK this year? 
“We don’t have any UK dates on the calender yet, but we are definitely working on coming back to play some gigs for you guys asap. We actually toured in England a couple of years ago, we played some of the bigger city’s in the weekends and then pubs in the the weekdays… -that was a real “road test” for us. I remember ordering a dish called “the belly buster” at one of the pubs we played at, mainly because i thought it was a cool name for a menu, -it wasn’t that cool when I realized that it actually was THE belly-buster from hell. Urgh!!”
Last question. If you had the chance to tour with two big name rock bands, who would you pick and why? Plus, where would be the venue of your dreams?  
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“There are many legendary acts that we would like to tour with and of course also many venues that we haven’t played at yet… but if I have to answer this right now, I would say Motorhead or The Wildhearts/ a ginger featured project”.

Cheers Mikkel, Hope to see you all soon!

( Photography by permission of Katja Michaelsen )


Band Members are………

Mikkel Neperus – Lead singer
Thomas Buchwald – Lead guitar
Benjamin Funk – Drums
Lars Rygaard – Keys and Harp
Karsten Dines – Bass
Dennis Samaras – Guitar


Album song list…….

Like A Pit Bull


Blood Red Lips

Hold On Buddy

Five Hours Of Nothing

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Suzi The Uzi

Hung Over In Hamburg

Get What You Deserve

The Crash

From The Gutter

Goodbye Copenhagen





In summary, it's a bloody good and well delivered diverse album, worthy of a place in any CD collection. Which is why it will be in mine when released!!

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