Static-X – Manchester Ritz – 3rd October 2019

Unfortunately, as I live over the border in Wales there was no way I could get from work to Manchester for Dope’s opening set. My apology’s guys catch you next time.

Wednesday 13

Now, there are good supporting bands. Sometimes there are great bands. Then occasionally you get a band who, not only could but, should be headlining. Wednesday13 is one of the latter. A full theatrical performance including outfit changes with each song. I’m already wishing I was in the middle of the crowd and not standing at the side writing this!

Next Soil erupted onto the stage and Mr McComb showed his pipes are still in fully working order. The set chargedSoil forward at such a rate that before I knew it, we were bid farewell. Wait a minute no Halo! Just as that thought passes through my head Mr Mccomb reappears in the centre of the crowd to lead a rapturous rendition of HALOOOOO.

I have been lucky enough to see great bands at various stages of their career. Some at the beginning, some in their prime and even some on a farewell tour. This is however the first time I’ve seen a band after the singer has passed. Static-X lost their front man Wayne Static five years ago and while he has gone, he is not forgotten.

As the show started I had to do a double take. Was this Wayne returned from the dead. Upon closer inspection the lead man was wearing what can only be described as a dead skin mask intended to both acknowledge Wayne’s presence and departure from this mortal coil.


The premise of the show was a tribute 20-year anniversary tour of their debut Wisconsin Death Trip album. Therefore, as you would expect, we were treated to a slew of classic Static X tracks.

As I’ve said this was a tribute to Wayne and the rest of the band did him proud. Video clips of Wayne singing were sewn into the narrative of the gig. At several points real Wayne sang harmonies with dead skin mask Wayne.

The whole night was just masterful and poignant. I left with just a little tear in my eye, saddened by the fact that Wayne has gone and I never got to see him alive and live. But also uplifted that he was so loved by his band mates and fans alike.


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