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State Of Salazar
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On 10 September 2014
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'All The Way ' is a collection of soft rock melted by fantastic musicians.

This latest offering from State Of Salazar is full of pleasant enough easy-listening tracks, some a little reminiscent of things gone before, but this is an AOR band after all. Pretty much a safe album for fans of this band and has been released by Frontiers Records ( ).

S.O.S. have been on Sweden’s rock scene since 2010, so the guys are now an established group of musicians who took the opportunity to make the new album (All The Way) with Markus Nilsson as a co-producer, recording- and mixing engineer. The album was mastered at Fascination Street Studios with Tony Lindgren behind the controls. For the album cover, the guys decided to use Emil Nyström at Emil Media, a talented photographer who’s previous work had impressed the band.

With fairly obvious influential past bands giving the guys their inspiration to create this album, I’m sorry to say if it upsets some folks, but for me it all sounds pretty much melodic middle of the road soft rock. I know their an AOR derived band, but i really couldn’t pick out any one particular song that made me sit up and take notice and think “wow, this is going to be something special”! Don’t get me wrong, they are a very talented group of guys and have worked hard to produce this album with the help of some fairly well know recording people. But every time I listen to it I just can’t get the image of a 80’s rom-com film with a nice theme tune to accompany them. This is not meant to be a put down, but could also be interpreted as a complement! One track that I heard I felt wouldn’t have been out of place in Disney’s feel good film The Lion King!

Well this is only my own opinion, and thank the Lord in the free world we’re still allowed to do this! If you disagree, well, thats your opinion and I respect that. Why not just go listen to the guys anyway, maybe you’ll become a fan?

In Summary. ‘All The Way ‘ is a collection of soft rock melted together by fantastic musicians. It just lacks that seed, that special little explosive ingredient that would propel SOS from being a safe band to one with the potential to be a dangerous fucking outfit, ready to take over the world.


Album Track List…

1. I Believe In You

2. Field Of Dreams

3. All The Way

4. Love Of My Life

5. Eat Your Heart Out

6. Time To Say Goodbye

7. Marie

8. Let Me Love

9. Catastrophe

10. Always

11. Adrian

12. End Of Time


Band Members…..

Marcus Nygren – Vocals
Johan Thuresson – Guitar
Stefan Mårtenson – Keyboard
Johannes Hansson – Bass
Kristian Brun – Drums

'All The Way ' is a collection of soft rock melted by fantastic musicians.

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