Stahlmann – Quecksilber

On 20 January, Stahlmann released their second album entitled Quecksilber (Quicksilver).  Formed in 2008 the German electro rockers have a style (a combination of rock, metal and electronic dance) not totally dissimilar to Rammstein – though definitely distinctive in its own right.

The album starts of relatively softly with Engel Der Dunkelheit (Angel of Darkness) which with its deep vocals and slow rhythm, has a slow dance quality to it.  True it’s not what you would necessarily expect to hear as a first song, but it’s a good song and flows nicely into the heavier second song;  Spring Nicht (Don’t Jump).  Here you clearly hear the rock/electro dance sound the band wanted to push more with this album.  It’s very catchy and was undoubtedly written with a club audience in mind – and it works.  The only downside is that you run the risk of having the chorus stuck in your head for a long time after.

The first single from the album is Tanzmaschine which  compares humans to machines; following the routines of everyday life and then only coming alive at night through music.  It’s another song that will go down well in clubs with its steady rhythm, guitars and electronics.  If you prefer it a bit more dance, flick to the last track for the club remix.

Overall album has plenty of rock/dance songs with fast, steady rhythms that will undoubtedly go down well in clubs, with a few slower (dare I say ballad-type?) songs in between.  Whether this is your type of music or not, I suggest you pick up a copy and give it a go as it is a very easy album to listen to with some great songs.


Track List

01. Engel Der Dunkelheit

02. Spring Nicht

03. Tanzmaschine

04. Asche

05. Mein Leib

06. Am Grunde

07. Goetter

08. Schmerz

09. Diener

10. Tanzmaschine (Club Remix)


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