Splintered Soul – Festival EP

Formed by Guitarist and composer Chris Frost back in 2006, Splintered Soul have undergone various lineup changes since then and with their debut album expected later this year, have chosen to release a three track EP.  They describe their music as “Cinematic metal”, and it does seem a fairy good description as the music on this EP certainly has that scale and richness you expect from a movie soundtrack.

Brief comments on the tracks..

Cambyses opens with a real Middle-Eastern sound – haunting wailing music that puts you in mind of ancient Egypt, before the pace picks up and still keeping that Egyptian feel, conjures up images of an Egyptian bar.  The music then moves seamlessly into the metal part as the vocals kick in.  The Middle-Eastern feel still remains but the focus is more on the metal aspects of the music.  The Egyptial feel to the music fits perfectly with the title and theme of the song – Campyses II was an Egyptian ruler whose army of 50,00 men was reputedly swallowed up by the desert.  It’s a fantastic song and a great start to the EP.  Probably my favourite song on the album, in part due to its Middle-Eastern sounds making it stand out as something different to anything else you’d normally hear.

“Oblivion” kicks off with a dark menacing heavy guitar riff which is very atmospheric.  Erica then joins in with her vocals wich really are excellent.  Another great song.

“The Epic” kicks off with some lovely violin work from Sally Jo before some background choir vocals join in before being replaced by Erica Mengold’s beautiful voice taking centre stage.

This EP is extremely good – Erica’s vocals are just superb, the musicianship demonstrated is excellent, and the songs are just fantastic.  There’s only one problem – after listening to the EP, the wait for the debut album (Lore – expected later this year) is going to be even more frustrating as the prospect of an album full of songs of this calbre is mouthwatering.  On the other hand, at least if you have the EP, having three songs to listen to while you wait for the album is a hell of a lot better than not being able to listen to them.

The EP can be ordered through the bands Facebook page (where you can also pre-order the forthcoming album)

An excellent EP – Highly recommended.

Rating: 9.5/10

Splintered Soul are:

Erica Mengod – Lead Vocals
Chris Frost – Guitars
Sally Jo – Electric Violins
Andrew Penders – Basses
James Burrows – Drums and Percussion

Track listing:

1. Cambyses
2. Oblivion
3. The Epic

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