Spiritus Mortis – Year is One

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Spiritus Mortis

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On 28 November 2016
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Seven Years is a long time to wait for a new release, it is worth it, bask in the misery of Year is One.

Finland has always been a breeding ground for outstanding doom bands and Spiritus Mortis are no exception. The band formed in 1987 and has an impressive array of demos and split releases along the way – this is actually only their 4th full length release. It has been 7 years since their last outing; the previous releases have all been solid and more than adequate, however this time the gears have shifted upwards.

To call this album simply doom does not give it a fair crack of the whip. Spiritus Mortis have taken the Doom genre and all of its nuances and sub genres and produced a consistent but varied album. The opener “Robe of Ectoplasm” opens with an upbeat doom crunch with a hook that will drag your neck into action, it probably has more in common with a stoner riff although it still retains the all important ominous doom atmosphere. The first thing that is striking is the guitar tone, heavy fuzz underpinned by a big fat bass and a pounding kick drum, it is perfect. You may recognise vocalist Sami Hynninen from his work with Reverend Bizarre. He has one of the most unique voices in doom which has a very authoritarian tone to it. Sami perfectly intonates his words which creates such a morose ambience on the likes of “I am a Name on your Funeral Wreath”, which is a slow crawling dirge and downright miserable. “Holiday in a cemetery” continues in this vein and this is where you start to hear the influences of the old masters like Saint Vitus creeping in, this is a lengthy 10 minute track, it needs it and will ensure you are thoroughly beaten to a pulp by the end of it.

“Babalon Working” highlights the interplay of the twin guitars with understated leads that are very effective and brings a more epic feel to the proceedings. Spiritus Mortis records do not come around very often, take a chance and invest in this truly great slab of doom.


  1. Robe of Ectoplasm
  2. I Am a Name on Your Funeral Wreath
  3. Babalon Working
  4. Jesus Christ, Son of Satan
  5. Holiday in the Cemetery
  6. She Died a Virgin
  7. Black Magic, White Powder
  8. World of No Light

Band Members

Teemu Maijala – Bass
Jussi Maijala – Guitars
Jarkko Seppälä – Drums
Kari Lavila – Guitars
Sami Hynninen – Vocals


Seven Years is a long time to wait for a new release, it is worth it, bask in the misery of Year is One.

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