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On 18 April 2018
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A breath of fresh despair

Soom push the boundaries of Stoner Doom with the excellent ‘Djebars’

Hailing from the Ukraine, Soom are a band that many of you may be completely unfamiliar with, especially if you don’t delve into the Stoner scene that often. The band formed in 2013, and ‘Djebars’ represents their second full length release, although a couple of E.P.’s and split releases are floating around as well

So where to start with this offering then, initially I heard it described as Rave Doom, which naturally pricked my interest but to be honest that is a moniker that doesn’t do the band much justice. For sure there are dance hooks in there but on the whole they are cleverly disguised behind the cacophony and dirge more usually associated with Stoner. However, it is Soom’s visionary application that sets this album apart from the many, weaving many a surrealist stitch into the fabric of the record, combining a deliciously heavy and thick guitar sound, coupled with a bass so low it drags itself along the floor on all fours. Add to that a raw and fluid cymbal loaded drum sound and subtle and infrequent vocal and the whole thing comes together effortlessly

The incredibly atmospheric opener ‘Above The Sequoias Origin’ instantly draws you in to the bands weird and wonderful landscape. The crushing ‘Poltavian Way’ demonstrates how much ass can be kicked by this band as it throws wave after wave of sludge in unison with some immense guitar solos that just hold you rigid. ‘Wheelchair’ with its distortion overloaded intro, takes you to new depths of despair as the tormented vocal screams pain out from the speakers. Two bonus tracks are available as well in the form of ‘Nagno’ and ‘Panic Attack’, the former being simply stunning and totally mesmeric as it drains the National Grid with a power overload of subterranean riffs and hooks that knock you backwards onto the floor

‘Djebars’ is a fantastic release, being true to the core values of the genre, whilst being surprisingly melodic and accessible to a much wider audience. Well worth a listen

Recommended Track – Nagno


Track Listing ;

Above The Sequoias Origin

Burned Out

Laughter Of The Night Virgins

Under A Gleam The Dream Is Hidden

Feng Shui Souvenir

Poltavian Way

Peace And Silence 24 Hours



Panic Attack


Soom Line Up ;

Tomrer – Bass

Kova – Guitars, Vocals

Amorth – Drums, Vocals

‘Djebars’ is released through Robustfellow on April 20th

A breath of fresh despair

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