Sonus Mortis release details of second album

Dublin-based one-man symphonic doom/death project Sonus Mortis – aka Kevin Byrne – has shared some details on his planned second album ‘War Prophecy’ – the follow-up to ‘Propaganda Dream Sequence, which was released earlier this year.

Sonus Mortis - Propaganda Dream Sequence artwork“Since the debut was released in March 2014, I’ve spent the last three to four months writing songs,” Byrne reported.  “I have written close to 40 songs since then [and- 15 of these will be going onto the next album – which would be over 40 minutes in total.

Byrne confirmed that ‘War Prophecy’ will be another concept album…

“All music/lyrics have been written but some minor changes/tweaks will be done over the next few weeks.  These 15 songs really gel well together and have a similar vibe/structure.  This is as heavy as Sonus Mortis gets when compared to previous work.”

While Byrne has not yet set any dates for recording of the second album, he has revealed its track listing:

  1. Chthonic Chasm
  2. War Prophecy
  3. Revelations
  4. The Crypt Of The Death Prophet
  5. Banshee Remnants
  6. Metamorphosis
  7. Mass Exodus
  8. The Rise Of The Obsidian Destroyer
  9. Memento Mori
  10. Systematic Eradiction
  11. 11.Shell Shocked
  12. Sonus Mortis
  13. The New Holocaust Hypocrisy
  14. Necronom IV
  15. Zenith

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