SNEW ‘What’s It To Ya’ cd

SNEW are a new band to me, hailing from Hollywood, you can just see these guys hanging out at the Rainbow Bar and Grill, drinking Jack Daniels and loving every second of it.

Snew’s debut album, released was June 2008, entitled “Snew You” was named one of the Top Ten hard rock albums of 2008 by and has continued to receive high praise from fans worldwide.

Snew’s 2010 album “We Do What We Want” was produced by acclaimed producer, Surround Sound pioneer and author Bobby Owsinski (he also produced Snew You) and was engineered and mixed by the Grammy Award winning Ed Cherney (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, AC/DC, Spinal Tap).

The third and latest album “What’s It To Ya” has once again been produced by Owsinski and joining him this time is the legendary Ken Scott who recorded and mixed it.
Playing the hard biker rock style of music from the 80’s, though with a modern twist, think the raw sounding hooks of AC/DC, couple that with the swagger of Kix, add the Motley Crue style of songwriting, now mix it all up, and you end up with Snew, yes they really are that good.
On this, their third album ‘What’s It To Ya’ Snew deliver blindingly good hard rock and roll, full of ridiculously infectious songs , full of catchy riffs, and sing-a-long chorus lines.

The opening track “Release The Beast” does just that, setting the tone for what is to follow, full of sleazy guitar work, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics Snew have delivered a masterclass in 80’s old school rock.
There are no real surprises here, most of the tracks follow the same formula, and all the better for it, I have my favourites, from the kick ass title track,’What’s It To Ya’, the driving “We Do What We Want”, SNEW’s new single, ‘Pull My Stinger’, the hard hitting rocker “Pick Up The Ball”, and finally the last track, “Shinebox” this album is a real headbangers delight.
With Curtis Don Vito gravel shredding voice, the pounding rhythm section of Willie Basse – bass and Mark Ohrenberger – drums, and some stunning sleazy guitar work from Andy Lux,  this is In your face hard rock n roll.  Snew’s music is meant to be played only one way, ‘loud and proud.’ 9/10

01. Release The Beast
02. I Got A Rocket
03. Pull My Stinger
04. Electrolux
05. Tearing Up Your City
06. Clever Girl
07. Unglued
08. Bad Words
09. What’s It To Ya
10. All Over You
Curtis Don Vito – vocals and harmonica
Andy Lux – guitar
Willie Basse – bass
Mark Ohrenberger – drums

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