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Slyder Smith And The Oblivion Kids

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On 10 August 2022
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Slyder Smith And The Oblivion Kids ooze charm but are far from offensive as they release their debut album Charm Offensive on August 19th 2022.

The last time I saw Slyder Smith he was playing guitar/singing for the Last Great Dreamers but he now takes on a more prominent stance with his new band Slyder Smith And The Oblivion Kids, who put the power into power trio! As well as guitar he also takes on the role as lead vocalist and a damn good job he does to, point proven by their upcoming debut studio album Charm Offensive, released on August 19th 2022 via Ray Records and Cargo Records just as they head out on the road supporting The Electric Boys.

These fourteen songs cover a myriad of musical genres as ‘El Ecantdor’ (The Charmer)is a short, laid back slice of surf music that took me way back to when Dick Dale played, also giving off a spaghetti western vibe to. A fine way to open the album.

‘Calico Queen’ is all barroom boogie with the Ramones as the house band. It hustles and bustles for three frantic minutes to make for a stone cold dance floor filler as the vocals are edgy, melodic but could of been written on the back of a beer mat. It eases off midway until guitar heroics burst in.

‘I’m Done’ caught my attention from the off with earworm wah-wah guitar over grooves that bob and weave over a gritty vocal that snaps at your ankles.

‘When The Rain Comes’, the first single taken from the album is a joyous tune full of reasons to be cheerful that reflects in the love from the sugar sweet choruses to send it up to the heavens as guitar takes on the chorus’ melodies, ending on a snare driven outro.

The choruses in ‘Crash Landing In Teenage Heaven’ could be the younger offspring of ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’. Lyrically the soul searching verses are clutching for answers.

‘I Dont Want To Run’ makes you picture yourself in the Georgia swamps to soak up the duelling banjo vibes, beefed up by hefty drums until the choruses give it a shot in the arm.

‘Maya’ is a bitter sweet paen of love lost but not found as the soothing choruses could melt the coldest heart.

‘Pleasure Victim’ is a party starter and finisher as this melodic punk rocker shoots from the hip with a curled lip for added ire as they rock even harder for guitar overload.

‘Road Love’ is a simple but effective toe tapper that steals the spotlight on bouncy rhythms to do a high school hop for a blink and you’ll miss it two minutes.

Indie tinged guitar and bass lines throughout ‘Hope Without Warning’ are the palette for a drawled vocal to give it a vibrant vignette.

When I saw the title of ‘Never Ending Story’ I thought surely they’re not going to take on the Limahl song from the film of the same name but they soon made me shut the f**k up and eat plenty of humble pie as they put a heavier stamp on it but still captures the vibe of the original.

A shout it out loud and proud melodic punk rock riffer with chest beating choruses and mighty “Whoa-oh-oh’s” make ‘Oblivion Kids’ my album highlight.

‘El Encantador’ is a reprise of the album opener and the surf music is stretched out further by album closer ‘No More Mr. Bad Guy’.

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Charm Offensive album track listing :-

El Encantador.

Calico Queen.

I’m Done.

When The Rain Comes.

Crash Landing In Teenage Heaven.

I Don’t Want To Run.


Pleasure Victim.

Road Love.

Hope Without Warning.

Never Ending Story.

Oblivion Kids.

El Encantador (Reprise).

No More Mr.Bad Guy.

Charm Offensive album personnel :-

Slyder Smith – Vocals/Guitar.

Tim Emery – Bass Guitar.

Rik Pratt – Drums.

Slyder Smith And The Oblivion Kids ooze charm but are far from offensive as they release their debut album Charm Offensive on August 19th 2022.

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