Skarlett Riot – Sentience

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Skarlett Riot

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On 22 April 2016
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Catchy riffs, booming bass lines and butt kicking drums

Skarlett Riot – Sentience

Skarlett Riot are set to release their new EP ‘Sentience‘ next month and I was very happy to take on the task of reviewing it for PlanetMosh. The EP has a broad variance in sound ranging from track to track and the release has an overall feel that would attract fans of Flyleaf and ‘Riot’-era Paramore (me being one of those fans).

I first caught a brief glimpse into Skarlett Riot back in May 2015 performing at the Dames of Darkness Festival and was very impressed by their sound. Although I only managed to catch the final song of their set, the show was filled with high energy and vibrancy which generated a fantastic feel from the crowd and they have been on my radar ever since.

Sentience kicks off with an upbeat track titled ‘Voices’ which opens with a killer drum beat and immense riffs. This power truly lays a template for the soaring vocals from the beautiful Skarlett. As an opening track for an EP this really does set the bar high for the remaining songs and lets the listener know that this will be a collection of songs to remember. The listener is then treated to another high energy driven and highly contagious track titled ‘Scream At Me’. I guarantee each and every listener that this will be the track which will be stuck in your head for months!

Catchy riffs, booming bass lines and butt kicking drums…. It must be time to talk about the track ‘The Wounded’. The intro to this song is one rather catchy tune which will lead to you air drumming in no time. The lyrics again are infectious and will have you singing along.

My personal favourite track from this EP would have to be ‘Feel’. The talented use of Skarlett’s vocals to portray strong emotion just works amazingly, making this a total stand out tune from Sentience for me. I love the descriptive lyrics throughout the chorus that lead the imagination to create a feeling of being both lost and found in the heart of that someone special.

There is outstanding work shown on Sentience and I can’t wait to catch Skarlett Riot live at Belgium’s Metal Female Voices Festival.

Track list
Scream at me
Empty inside
The wounded

Band members
Skarlett – vocals/guitar
Danny – lead guitar/backing vocals
Martin – bass/backing vocals
Luke – drums

Catchy riffs, booming bass lines and butt kicking drums

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