This debut release really grabs you by the throat, pins you up against the wall and shakes you into submission.
SIX HOUR SUNDOWN fronted by none other than Lauren Harris have quite simply found the perfect formula of hard, kick ass riffs and solos, neck breaking drums and bass all topped off with a radio friendly sing along vocal that is nigh impossible not to listen to over and over again.
Lauren without doubt seems more at home in a band rather than as an out and out solo artist and based on this tasty debut she can now finally shine.
Out now via TRANSCEND MUSIC and with an album of the same name due out in the near future, watch this band explode onto the scene big time.

About Simon Bower

Rock/Metal junkie living in beautiful Anglesey.Love live music and have a musical taste which can go from Cannibal Corpse to Kate Bush in the blink of an eye.