Sinocence – Scar Obscura (CD)

I’ve been taught to not judge a book by it’s cover, but with the eye catching use of human anatomy art on the cover, I couldn’t help but think it’s another thrash metal band trying to make their début with a cool front cover, to try and hide the disappointment on the disc inside. But to my disbelief, the sound of melodic metal was on repeat for a good few hours STRAIGHT so I could actually try and go with my first instinct. But I was left with no legs to stand on.

The introduction to the cd with the track ‘Perfect Denial’ caused me to grip on to the edge of my seat hoping they weren’t your typical growly and screaming thrash metal band. My mind was put at ease when vocalist Moro started singing with a soothing but edgy voice.

The full album is filled with strong and meaningful tracks and you can tell the bands determination to make this a popular choice for all heavy music fans. I believe the band is brave to experiment with a Irish Folk singer on the tracks ‘Art of Separation and Terminus’, this does show their Irish roots. Although I don’t think the woman’s voice compliments the song ‘Art of Separation’ as it gets fast paced. But in ‘Terminus’ Moro’s voice goes well with the Folk singers and this does compliment the music brilliantly.

My favorite track on the album is Terminus. I believe contrast from slow to fast works well with the lyrics and shows Moro’s talent also the use of the Folk singer works perfectly with the music and the vocalist’s voice. I also love the introduction to the cd with ‘Perfect Denial’.

The downside to the album is the fact that the songs are too long with the final track being 9:20 minutes long and the others varying around 5 to 7 minutes long. I do think the band are too commercial and not ‘original’ because I can hear a mixture of Metallica to Dragonforce, others may not agree but this is my opinion.

I can see the band have worked hard inching forward to their break being that they have supported bands such as Bullet for My Valentine, Machine Head, In Flames, Lacuna Coil and Therapy?.

I do hope the band get the recognition they deserve and great opportunities to approach them in the future.


01. Perfect Denial
02. Metalbox
03. God Complex
04. Ultraviolent
05. Art of Seperation
06. Eviscerate
07. Rule As One
08. All New Revenge
09. Scar Obscura
10. Terminus

Rate: 7/10

By MurderDoll

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