SEVERENTH “Reveal” cd

Formed in 2007, Severenth have toured the UK with their debut album ” The Age Of Paranoia” The album gained critical acclaim with outstanding reviews, and also won the Playmusic UK best unsigned metal act of 2009. They have toured America knitting factorys in 2010 and have also played Ibiza,hammerfest 3 & 4, and played Wacken in 2011.
Severenth have in the past few years shared the stage with the likes of Skindred; Il Nino; Kittie; Soil; Bring Me The Horizon; 3 Inches of Blood; Biomechanical; Trigger The Bloodshed; Forever Never; Panic Cell; Will Haven; plus many more.

A growling cry kicks this opus off with ‘The Question’, a thunderous track, waiting to crack your skull open with its ferocity, each member of the band attacking their instruments as if going to war. It’s the vocals that really grab you though, Peet Baileys sings cleanly yet with a truly terrifying attitude, down and aggressive one minute, yet lifting and harmonic the next. A storming opening track.
“Cover Your Mouth” takes no prisoners as the punishment starts, the dynamics of the twin guitar attack really show up on this track, ending in a salvo of guitar riffs, easily as good as the opening track.
“Taken The Fall” moves up a gear, full of pummeling drum fills and bass pounding rhythms, the vocals passages are now running in familiar territory, with both dark and light moments from singer Peet Bailey.
You would imagine that after such a strong start, that the album would dip in quality, but this isn’t true with Reveal, Severenth simply kick the doors in and give you more.
‘Not Worthy’ is for me the best track on this album, a thunderous bass presence gives way to a hypnotic mind melting battering rhythm, full of hardcore energy.
‘Two Mirrors’ and ‘Born To Suffer ‘are also worthy of mention, then again, I feel the rest of the tracks are as well, this is a very strong release, worthy of your attention.
Peet Bailey does an admirable job on the aggressive, screaming parts with a brutal mix of high end screams and low down throaty growls. Yet I feel he sounds better singing the clean, post hardcore style melody parts, very nearly a perfect match, and that is very hard to do on your own.
The guitarists (Ste Ensall and Adam Sidor) work together in creating harmonies and feeding off each other, complementing each other during the heavier and lighter parts of the songs. Ben Jones plays some creative bass lines, giving more feel to the songs, instead of going for all out low tuned bass lines, while Dave Roberts on drums keeps it all together with some very tidy rhythms and fills.

There are eleven tracks on this cd, and they are all as good as each other, this is a good honest 2nd release from a hard working band, who deserve your attention 8/10


01. The Question
02. Cover Your Mouth
03. Taken The Fall
04. In Air They Drown
05. Not Worthy
06. Two Mirrors
07. Born To Suffer
08. What You Want From Me
09. All That’s Left
10. All I Ever
11. The Answer

We are Severenth. We play metal.
Ben Jones – Bass
Peet Bailey – Vocals
Ste Ensall – Lead Guitar
David Roberts – Drums
Adam Sidor – Guitar

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