Seven More Days – Eleven, Stoke.

Seven More Days stunning debut album Little Dark Pleasures proved to be a big big pleasure when it was released this year. It oozed confidence with ten tracks of hard rock and they played eight from it at Eleven supporting the Scopyons.

Seven More DaysIt was my first time seeing them and my expectations were high as a very impressive early evening turnout for their debut gig cheered along drummer Barry Lowe as it was his first gig with them as well as playing rhythm guitar with the headline band. The volume matched the title of the venue as they opened up with ‘Salanders Tale’, its quietly deceiving intro lead to the first of many guitar assaults from Chris Porter as his waist length hair billowed by an onstage electric fan, threatened to strangle Barry as lead vocalist Darren Valentine belted out his lines looking like a less angry Angry Anderson from Rose Tattoo as bass guitarist James Kirkby nailed down the groove.


Other crowd pleasing highlights were the almost industrial pound of ‘Dazzle’ that lead to a slight shift in heaviness for ‘Not Too Long’ and ‘One Mind’. The first a gripping ballad and the latter a lengthy heavy power ballad. ‘By Your Side’ contained a killer chorus as Darren also showed he is no slouch on rhythm guitar as he and the band locked into a groove behind Chris’ fret melting solo. ‘Castles In The Sky’ proved to be their heaviest song of the night and we had time to draw breath as the heart melting ‘Like Rain’ oozed out of the p.a system. Set closer ‘Ode To Innocence (part 2)’ came all too soon with another towering ballad.


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Seven More Days

Seven More Days



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