Second Cities – Like A Moth (single)

Second Cities

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On 10 January 2021
Last modified:19 January 2021


A sure fire pit opener!

Second Cities return with latest single ‘Like A Moth’ but these Birmingham based oiks sound more like a bat out of hell as they thrash out a brutal bludgeon.

It’s not all noise for noise sake as there is a lot more to their oeuvre from the lead vocals of Jamie Martin with his yin and yang clean/hollered delivery giving us a message of hope in these troubled times. Something we all need at the moment. Follow Butterfly Releases for more updates.

This chest beating call to arms tirade ends on a kick drum battery to hammer their point home.

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Second Cities band line up :-

Jamie Martin – Lead vocals.

Tony Mac – Guitar.

Josh ‘Watto’ Watson – Guitar.

Damon Springthorpe – Bass Guitar.

Joshua Zaidi-Crosse – Drums.

A sure fire pit opener!

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