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Scream serenity

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On 21 April 2018
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Plenty of power but without losing the smoother commercial edge - a great album

Eye of the storm is the debut album from British band Scream Serenity. Based in East Anglia, they’ve released a debut album that’s both heavy and commercial – not an easy thing to do. On the one hand it’s loud, fast and heavy, but at the same time it’s got bits that remind me of Nickelback and that combination which could easily have turned out badly, works brilliantly.

I did wonder from the band name whether it was going to be heavy screaming vocals, but it’s not really – it’s hard rock, but it’s not the screaming I was expecting. Instead the vocals are clear and it’s easy to understand the lyrics.

Check out the latest single – “Run away”…

Like quite a few songs on the album it’s about relationships. A song with a different subject (in this case the Music industry) is the previous single, “Good business”…

As you can hear from those two songs it’s great stuff – plenty of power but without losing the smoother commercial edge. That combination deserves to see them make a lot of new fans and get plenty of radio airplay. Definitely an album that I recommend you listen to.

Track listing:

1. Best of the worst
2. Good business
3. Save yourself
4. Run away
5. Eye of the storm
6. Enough
7. Better off
8. Nowhere town
9. Waiting for the answers
10. Rest (after the storm)

Scream Serenity are:

Jordan Fennell – Guitar/Vocals
Ian Messenger – Guitar/Vocals
James Golder – Bass/Vocals
Jon Lindow – Drums

Plenty of power but without losing the smoother commercial edge - a great album

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