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Satyricon-album-2013Satyr and Frost have returned with their latest offering; the eponymous “Satyricon”. Formed over twenty years ago, Satyricon have taken a very different creative path from their black metal beginnings. Progression through simplicity has been on their agenda for some time now as they moved to entrance with subtle complexities. Flashes of their familiar black metal remain but they have evolved and incorporated it’s dynamic into their 2013 sound.

The duo begins proceedings with a hypnotic and challenging “Voice Of Shadows” that spills into a familiar mid-tempo marching groove on “Tro og Kraft”. This has more in common with “Now, Diabolical” and “Age Of Nero” than formative releases such as “Nemesis Divina”. The menacing cauldron of Nocturnal Flare is an unsettling amalgam of disconcertion while the savage “Our World, It Rumbles tonight” doublekicks and pulverizes with abandon.

“Nekrohaven” is a three minute, stripped back primal assault, with more hooks than a fisherman’s jacket. It is an absolute beast of a tune and its empowering refrain nestled atop the crunching riff make it a natural successor to “K.I.N.G”.  Sivert Høyem guests on “Phoenix”.  His clean vocal is an understated strength on the track that envelopes the melody to enhance the entire arrangement.  This is a stripped back Satyricon once again challenging the listener with another diverse risk. If said risk was a step too far, those listeners craving all things black will appreciate the maniacal frenzy of “Walker on the Wind” and the machine gun staccato of “Ageless Northern Spirit”. The sprawling entanglement of “The Infinity of Time and Space” contrasts beautifully with the darkened balladry of “Naat” that closes the album on an air of solemn serenity.

Employing elements from their history, Satyricon have produced a triumph of economic creativity. The new album is an assortment of raucous riffery complemented by a barrage of bestial backbeats. On “Satyricon”, Satyr and Frost have realized their own roaring declaration of ambition.


“Satyricon” is  released Sept. 9th (EU) via Roadrunner / Sept. 17th (NA) via Nuclear Blast USA



01. Voice Of Shadows

02. Tro og Kraft

03. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight

04. Nocturnal Flare

05. Phoenix

06. Walker Upon The Wind

07. Nekrohaven

08. Ageless Northern Spirit

09. The Infinity Of Time And Space

10. Natt



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