Saint Ridley Release Single “Death By Design” With Lyric Video

On February 17, 2016, Michigan heavy metal quintet SAINT RIDLEY released their highly anticipated new single, Death By Design, off the long awaited second album Through Blackened Skies. The new single boasts a ‘heavy’ echo of the signature dark sound that fans love! Check out the official “Death By Design” lyric video today.

On Death By Design – with Ridley singing as well as he ever has, Dave Flynn and Phil Draheim making full use of distorted guitars and emphatic rhythms, the lock-steady beat of Garcia’s bass and Richard Schlager’s drums – the future and the past crash together in an ear-scintillatingly engaging, melodic-yet-classically heavy song which will instantly be hailed as a SAINT RIDLEY classic.

“This one’s a natural progression from Rust,” says Draheim, “There’s a bit less rock’n’roll and a bit more ‘heavy’ on it. We wanted to keep focused on a style rather than moving around too much.”

Produced by Matt Dalton of 37 Studios and Dirtfest (I See Stars, CandleBox, Polyphia) in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Dalton brings a crispness to the sound which evokes memories of ‘90s Pantera and Deftones without for one moment sounding dated.

Wonderfully uncompromising, with Death By Design, SAINT RIDLEY have once again established their rightly-venerated credentials as Michigan’s Kings of heavy metal music.

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