Sacred Blood – Alexandros CD

Hailing from Greece Sacred Blood’s second album Alexandros was released on the 29th of May 2012 by Pitch Black Records. I first became interested in this album when my suspicions were confirmed about the concept of the album which is based on Alexander the Great. Any other history fan will no doubt find intriguing.

I visited Athens last year to see the ancient sites so this shall be interesting. So here we go.

Track one is called ‘The Warrior’s Scion’. This track sets the theme 24000 years ago and gives a short prologue. I found this surprising and slightly cheesy at first but after a while I quite enjoyed it.

‘The Blood Prince of Macedonia’ takes a while to get started; I enjoyed the use of trumpets and the high-pitched screams from the vocals. It’s not grabbing me yet though. Oooooo 4.17 that is more like it! Epic guitar solo and pounding blast beats, loving that guitar tone! Higher and more epic vocals follow, getting into this more now.

‘The Battle of the Granicus’ is faster to get going but I find there is nothing to really grip me.

‘Phalanx Invicta’ has a slow dreamy feel to the beginning. I think I can hear horse’s hooves at one point then what I presume to be Alexander spurring on his men. Short but interesting.

‘Marching to War ‘has a fairly catchy riff at the beginning and some vocal harmonies. Horse’s hooves and then the speed picks up.

‘Golden Shields In the Sky’ is an instrumental with another spoken monologue. Standing in front of  the Acropolis I can imagine this being quite inspiring to listen to.

Death behind the Walls grabs my interest a bit more with guitar and vocal harmonies at the beginning. Nothing really keeps my interest however until another solo at the end.

I love New God Rising, beautiful acoustic guitars. keyboard and smooth vocals. The track then builds up and the electric guitars join in. I really enjoyed this track.

I was intrigued at the start of ‘Before the Gates of Ishtar‘ but then it became cheesy.

Battlefield Aenaon has another epic acoustic section at the beginning and the electric and vocals join in. This track has more depth to it and I find it more enjoyable. Love the souring vocals beginning at 1.40. At 3.25 a solo guitar comes in with harmonies and builds to a fantastic climax, this is more like it! Love the beat on the drums, that pace that reminds me of charging horses that gets your heart racing.

‘The Apotheosis of Alexander ‘is another acoustic track. ‘Ride through the Achaemenid Empire‘ starts off at a charging pace and continues to build, love it. The charging drum beat, souring vocals and catchy riffs makes this track epic.

‘Heart of the Ocean’ is stunning, beautiful acoustic guitars played against the sound of ocean waves and chanting female harmonies. Very dreamy and spiritual, this track for me captures the romanticism of Ancient Greece.

‘Macedonian Force’ has equal elements of interest, epicness and cheese. Not quite doing it for me but it contains some enjoyable sections.

The last track is called ‘Legends Never Die’. Similar to the first track this track seems to be a dedication to Alexander’s death. A fitting end to the album.

This album as a whole was an enjoyable and interesting experience with moments of genius and beautiful acoustic tracks. However some tracks were predictable and often fell short of what could have been in terms of depth and adrenaline.

Finely crafted but not mould breaking.

Rating 7 out of 10

Track listing
1. The Warrior’s Scion
2. The Bold Prince of Macedonia
3. The Battle of the Granicus (Persian in Throes)
4. Phalanx Invicta
5. Marching to War
6. Golden Shields in the Sky
7. Death Behind the Walls
8. New God Rising (At the Oracle of Siwa)
9. Before the Gates of Ishtar
10. Battlefield Aenaon
11. The Apotheosis of Alexander
12. Ride Through the Achaemenid Empire
13. Heart of the Ocean (Nearchus Advancing)
14. Macedonian Force
15. Legends Never Die

Line Up
Epeios Focaeus (vocals)
Polydeykis (rhythm and lead guitars, acoustic and 12 string classic guitars, keyboards)
Jim “The Animal” (drums)

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