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How to Choose the Best Cannabis Strain

Canadians can now enjoy a vast selection of legal weed, and you can even buy weed online. However, with so many varieties available, you might have a hard time picking exactly what to buy. While some people out there are experienced stoners who know their favorite strains by heart, some users may want to know how to choose the best cannabis strain.

Cannabis comes in a massive variety of strains. Not only is each strain different in terms of taste and flavor but they can also differ vastly in terms of effects. These strains are usually separated into indica, sativa, and hybrid strains and you can usually get the kind of high you want by picking the right type of strain for you. Here’s a guide on how to choose the best cannabis strain. Visit for more information about.

Indica Strains

Usually, the most popular type of cannabis strain you’ll find when you buy cannabis is indica. Indica strains come from cannabis indica plants. These are known for being short, bushy, and easy to grow, and they can also produce impressive yields of thick, dense buds that are perfect for harvesting

Indica strains are a prime pick for those looking for a relaxing and soothing high. The effects are described as being more body-focused as they can make you feel exceptionally physically relaxed. They can also provide a calming mental high that’s perfect for taking the edge off and helping you destress at the end of the day.

Many users report that indica strains can also have various perks for your physical and mental wellbeing. For instance, they can help you deal with pain, inflammation, nausea, stress, and a variety of other issues. They’re also excellent for insomnia as they can help you physically and mentally relax to the point it’s easy to sleep.

You might want to choose an indica cannabis strain if you’re looking for a relaxing high to take the edge off in the evening. Indica strains are also excellent for those who want a deep and relaxing night of sleep. However, they’re not the best choice if it’s the middle of the day and you have things to do.

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Sativa Strains

The other main type of cannabis plant known for producing marijuana is cannabis sativa. In contrast to indica plants, sativa plants are tall, narrow, and produce foxtail buds. While they’re harder to grow than indica plants and take much longer to grow, many growers find that it’s worth the effort for the impressive strains they produce.

Sativa strains are a prime pick for times when you want to be alert and focused. While indica strains are known for making you feel hazy and relaxed, sativa strains can perk up your mind and enhance your senses, creativity, and focus. This makes them excellent for taking on mental tasks during the day.

On top of that, sativa strains can also have advantages for your mental wellbeing. For instance, they’re usually the best strains for counteracting issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. They can also help counteract fatigue, making them perfect to use as a wake-and-bake strain.

You might want to choose a sativa strain if you’re looking for an energizing strain to use in the morning or daytime. Sativa strains are also good for social situations as they can make you chatty, social, and giggly. They can also help counteract symptoms of anxiety and depression, although they shouldn’t be used as a crutch.

Hybrid Strains

If you can’t choose between an indica or sativa strain, you can also consider hybrid strains. Hybrid cannabis plants are made by crossing an indica plant with a sativa plant. These plants carry the physical qualities of both plants and, what’s more, the marijuana that they produce gives you a mix of effects.

Hybrid strains are ideal for those who want a mix of the relaxing physical effects of indica strains and the uplifting mental effects of sativa strains. Some hybrid strains are indica-dominant or sativa-dominant in terms of genetics. However, some contain an even balance of indica and sativa properties.

Naturally, hybrid strains are an excellent choice when you want a well-balanced high. Since they’re not too overly sedating or uplifting, they can be used at pretty much any time of the day. They can also help with a wide range of physical and mental issues, making them among the most versatile strains for medical users.

You should choose a hybrid strain if you’re looking for a well-balanced high, either for recreational or medical purposes. These strains are great whether you want something to boost your mood in the morning or something to help you relax at night.

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How To Choose The Best Cannabis Strain

Choosing the best cannabis strain all depends on exactly what you’re looking for. You can narrow down which strain to choose based on whether you’re looking for indica, sativa, or hybrid effects. However, even among these different types of cannabis, every strain has unique properties

As well as offering different effects, strains differ in their aroma and flavor. Some users may prefer fruity and citrusy strains whereas others may prefer strains that smell and taste more dank and earthy. Some strains are also stronger than others in terms of THC levels.

While it can be hard to know exactly what to expect from a strain when you buy from a physical dispensary, buying cannabis online is a great option. This allows you to browse a wide range of strains and view product descriptions so you know exactly what to expect from the strain you buy.


There are many things to consider when you’re trying to choose the best cannabis strain. For instance, users looking to relax will prefer a soothing indica strain whereas those who need a burst of energy and focus will prefer sativa strains. Of course, there are also plenty of great hybrid strains for users who want balanced effects.

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