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Rosy Vista

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On 29 January 2019
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It's a great album and I hope Rosy Vista stick around and make more music.

Rosy Vista were Germany’s first all-female hard rock band, forming in 1983 before splitting in 1989. During that time they released an EP and two singles, but now they’re back and are finally releasing an album. The album consists of 12 tracks – the five songs that were on their 1985 EP (“You better believe it”) which have been updated and re-recorded, plus six new songs and a cover version.

Check out the lyric video for opening track, “Crazy”…

It’s a great start to the album.

The cover version is of Steppenwolf’s “Born to be wild” – a classic rock track. It’s always risky covering such a well-loved song as if you don’t get it right the fans won’t be afraid to say what they think. Happily Rosy Vista have done a great job with this cover and I really enjoyed it.

There’s definitely an 80s feel to the music – understandable as almost half the songs date back to the 80s, but that’s certainly not a bad thing. While the 80s influence is clearly there, the music doesn’t feel dated – the modern production helps keep it feeling modern. The obvious comparison is US band Vixen, but while Vixen’s albums have a very polished sound, Rosy Vista have a harder edge to them – this is definitely hard rock.

They’ve done a great job combining the old and new material into one album – after a 34 year gap you’d expect the new material to be noticeably different to the original EP, but listening to the album, unless you knew which ones were on the original EP then you wouldn’t be able to tell from listening to the album – the tracks all sound like they were written and recorded at the same time (and since the old songs were re-recorded then that is partly true).

It’s a great album and I hope Rosy Vista stick around and make more music.

“Unbelievable” will be released on 8th february 2019

Track listing:

1. Crazy
2. Sadistic lover
3. Master of control
4. Too much feeling
5. Tables are turned
6. Until I’m satisfied
7. Hopatina
8. Poor Rosy
9. Sound of your love
10. Rockin’ through the night
11. Changin’ my mind
12. Born to be wild

It's a great album and I hope Rosy Vista stick around and make more music.

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