The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers live at the Fonda theatre 2015

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The Rolling Stones

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On 27 September 2017
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A great release that Rolling Stones fans are bound to enjoy.

When you’re a band like The Rolling Stones with a career spanning several decades you’re likely to have countless hours of studio and live recordings sitting in a vault never being heard. Happily The Rolling Stones are releasing some of those recordings as their “Rolling Stones, From the vault” series. So far they’re released 4 live performances as part of the series, with the shows used coming from Los Angeles, Tokyo, London’s Marquee club and Leeds. Each show had something special to offer, and that’s definitely the case with the latest addition to the series – Sticky Fingers live at the Fonda theatre 2015.

The title pretty much tells you what to expect. Recorded at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, the show saw the band perform the “Sticky fingers” album in full – the first and only time they’ve done that to date. The show took place in 2015 at the start of the band’s US tour which saw them playing stadiums across the US, so the Fonda Theatre with its small 1200 person capacity is an incredibly small intimate venue for The Rolling Stones to play.

It’s a great show – but then you expect nothing less from The Rolling Stones with their decades of experience. It’s nice to hear them do the album in full as some of the songs are ones you won’t hear them play normally, so even fans who have seen the band live multiple times will still enjoy this as it’s so different to their normal set.

The CD gives you the full show as it was performed on the night. The sound quality is excellent and despite their ages, the band are in fine form. Fans of the band will find it hard to find fault with this CD.

The DVD contains the bulk of the show as the main feature, and then has the remaining songs as extras. Between songs there are clips of the interviews with the band members. It seems an odd way to do it – I think most fans would have preferred to have the concert uncut and to be able to watch it as it was performed and to then have the interviews as the extras to watch separately. The interviews are definitely worth watching, it’s just that having them during the concert film means you lose momentum.
Despite that it’s a great DVD – excellent sound quality, good picture quality, it’s well edited and uses several cameras to give very good live footage.

A great release that Rolling Stones fans are bound to enjoy.

“Sticky Fingers live at the Fonda theatre 2015” will be released on 29th September 2017

Track listing:


1. Start me up
2. When the whip comes down
3. All down the line
4. Sway
5. Dead flowers
6. Wild horses
7. Sister morphine
8. You gotta move
9. Bitch
10. Can’t you hear me knocking
11. I got the blues
12. Moonlight mile
13. Brown sugar
14. Rock me baby
15. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
16. I can’t turn you loose


1. Start me up
2. Sway
3. Dead flowers
4. Wild horses
5. Sister morphine
6. You gotta move
7. Bitch
8. Can’t you hear me knocking
9. I got the blues
10. Moonlight mile
11. Brown sugar
12. Rock me baby
13. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Bonus tracks
14. All down the line
15. When the whip comes down
16. I can’t turn you loose

A great release that Rolling Stones fans are bound to enjoy.

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