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On 19 October 2014
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A truly epic display of brutality, coupled with melody and finesse. One of the finest E.P's of the Metal year by far

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This is one of those three track E.P.’s that certainly leaves you clambering for more. As fast as a speeding bullet from the off, ballads sure are not the order of the day, with brutal riffs a plenty, over spilling with dynamic quality and precision, to get you up and jumping to the rafters.


Opening track, ‘Nature Calls Us’ is a searing piece of work, throat busting vocals over a manic riff, all held together by some damn fine percussion. A slower mid section allows you to draw breath for a few precious seconds, before hurtling onward to its conclusion.


Values’, opens with a slugging bass line, before tearing into a mind melting riff that will have you tearing down the curtains, throwing the plasma tv through the window, and punching holes in the walls…and not necessarily in your own home. Again the vocal sound is pretty aggressive and unyielding but in a way that does not become overbearing, more of an addition rather than a division.


Highlight for me personally though is the third track ‘Karlsgrundet’, building with wonderfully controlled and measured power for the first sixty seconds, a power that will have you prowling around the edge of the circle pit, before all manner of demons are released for what becomes an amazingly absorbing and captivating song, the string section finale as well, is as good as it is unexpected, a bold proclamation as to how good an E.P. this is.


This is a ‘must have’ in my book, Hardcore at its absolute finest, painfully short but packing more into its twelve minutes than most could manage in an hour. The perfect way to vent some anger and pent up aggression after a crappy day, buy it, help the band make a full length album, and most importantly of all, play it loud.riwen



Track Listing;

1. Nature Calls Us
2. Values
3. Karlsgrundet

Released through Indie Recordings







A truly epic display of brutality, coupled with melody and finesse. One of the finest E.P's of the Metal year by far

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