Revolution Within – Pre Fest Interview Wacken 2014

Revolution Within are the Portuguese winners of this years Wacken Metal Battle. They play at Wacken along with all the other Metal Battle winners from all over the world to compete for the Over All Metal Battle Champion!

Revolution Within - Band Photo 2Can you give the readers a quick introduction to the band.

We are Revolution Within, from Portugal. We’re born in early 2005 when me (Raça) and four longtime friends decide to realize an old dream: to form a metal band. Our path over the time has been difficult but after ten years we continue to be able to show our sound, which makes us proud.

How would you describe your sound.

It’s hard to say… In my opinion we play modern thrash metal, injected with some hardcore and groove.

How would you describe the metal music scene in your country. What has changed over the last few years?

Our audience is fantastic but the number of people attending concerts has declined over the years. Unfortunately our economic situation is a shame and this is reflected in the concerts. I hope things change in the near future.

Why did you enter the WOA Metal Battle Competition.

We know that currently we do not have the dimension required to be present at this great event. Nowadays this would be the only way we would be able to play at Wacken.

What was your initial reaction when you found out that you have won & you were playing at Wacken.

We knew we were competing against big bands and it would be difficult to win the contest. At the time we thought they were mistaken in announcing the winner … We were speechless, incredulous, but at the same time happy and proud.

What was the best and worst part of the competition for you?

The best part was to taste the victory and know that we would represent Portugal in the biggest metal festival in the world! The worst part was competing against our friends bands, which also had quality to win.

Would you recommend the competition to other bands. Any hints/tips for bands that are looking to enter?

Yes, of course! This competition is an authentic adventure! To all the bands that come into competition I only give the following advice: have fun and enjoy the moment. You can win the contest but don’t make it an obsession.

What can the audience expect from you at the festival.

We really love what we do, and we know that it is noticed at our concerts! You can expect the same, as always, from us: joy, passion and dedication.

Wacken 2014 Metal BattleWhat has been the bands biggest achievement so far?

We are very happy and proud of our evolution! Over the years we have achieved many things: edited two albums, played in major festivals, played overseas and share the stage with bands that we never thought were possible.

Have you ever been to Wacken before? If so when and what did you enjoy most about it.

No, this is my first appearance in Wacken, either as public or as a musician.

What is your opinion of the Wacken line-up.

Wacken Open Air is one of the biggest metal festivals in the world so the line-ups are always brutal.

Can you sum up Wacken in one sentence.


Any message you wish to pass on to the PM readers.

Enjoy life. Listen and support metal. Do not waste your time with stupid discussions. Life is too short to waste!



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