Hammers Of Misfortune – 17th Street.

In my rough notes the 1st thing i jotted down after hearing the album was “bonkers but brilliant”!The name of the band suggests they are a thrash metal band but that is not the case.I can hear a lot of nwobhm in here with Deep Purple style keyboards thrown in plus a lot of melodic passages.I’ve played it about half a dozen times now and hear new things on each listen.A lot of quality music in store here.50mins of genius!
317,the opening track is mostly a bombastic instrumental with almost spoken vocals towards the end which leads into the title track.Its very nwobhm with Hammond sounding keyboards which interplay with the guitars.Its hard to describe,its best heard.The Grain is next,a 7 minute power ballad which ends in an Iron Maiden type gallop.There are 9 tracks on offer here,all display plenty of muscle and melody.The album closes with the 10 minute Going Somewhere which has so many time changes you have to play it again and again to appreciate its majesty.
The album is released via Metal Blade records on Oct.18th and is their 4th release after:-
The Bastard-2001-Tumult records.
The August Engine-2003-Cruz Del Sur Music.
The Locust Years-2006-Cruz Del Sur Music.
Hammers Of Misfortune consist of:-
Joe Hutton-Vocals.
John Cobbett-Guitar.
Max Barnett-Bass.
Chewy Marzolo-Drums.
Sigrid Sheie-Keyboards/Flute/Vocals.
Leila Abdul-Raif-Guitar/Vocals.

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