3 – The Ghost You Gave to Me


According to Peter Griffin (Family Guy) then the bird is the word. Well, it has now been replaced by React. It is the 2nd track on 3’s new album The Ghost You Gave To Me and it is a bona fide classic. When the radio stations, youtube, etc pick up on it then it could/should give 3 a major hit. Easily the best commercial rock song i have heard for a long time. Not to say that this is a one song album. All 12 are real attention grabbers. After a few spins i was reminded of Opeth in their mellower moments and post 90’s Rush. The major selling point for me is the soaring, sometimes haunting vocals of Joey Eppard.

The new album has a release date of Oct 11th, following 5 previous albums: –

Paint By Number 1999
Summercamp Nightmare 2003
Wake Pig 2004
The End Is Begun 2007
Revisions 2009
3 consist of :-

Joey Eppard-guitars/vocals
Billy Riker-guitar
Daniel Grimsland-bass

I could not find any future touring plans for 3 so we will have to wait a while longer to hear this killer album in a live setting but hopefully if they get some airplay with the aforementioned track React then who knows? The running time of the new album is a value for metal 55 mins and consists of:-

Sirenum Scopuli
High Times
One With The Sun
The Ghost You Gave To Me
Its Alive
Only Child
The Barrier

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