RETALIATORY MEASURES – Withdrawal Syndromes

Finland, yet again unleashes a monster of a Metal band onto the rest of the world.

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Formed in 2009, Retaliatory Measures went through a few line up changes and a settling down period, including a demo release before finding the current line up. The excellent Massacre Records snapped the band up and here we are, witnessing the full length debut ’Withdrawal Syndromes’.
So what exactly do we have, well, in my mind an admirable and very clever album of really powerful Thrash driven Metal, interwoven with an overriding ambition to push the boundaries and move the goalposts, with some Progressive and new school elements that come across really well.
If you take time to listen to ’Threshold’ or ’Revulse’ for example you’ll see how cleverly assembled the album actually is. Full on, in your face Thrash delivered with a brutal vocal courtesy of co founder Pessi Haltsonen, and yet, maintaining a vibrant and melodic feel that doesn’t in any way alienate or prevent the listener from delving deeper.
Opener ‘The Offering’ certainly sets the bar high, flying off at a neck breaking pace, which is maintained throughout the 44 minutes of the album if truth be told, however as previously alluded to, this record is so much more than noise, speed and power, for here we witness a really encouraging and accomplished level of song writing and performance.
The album benefits from not only a great production sound but also from some very subtle keyboard work as well on some tracks which certainly adds to the atmospheric feel, a sound not to dissimilar to Scar Symmetry in places. ’Pharynx’ is another track worthy of a mention, a real pile driver of a tune that will have you running for cover such is its intensity but for me the showstopper on the album has to be the closing track ’Since Nothing’, six minutes of glorious unashamedly brutal Metal benefiting hugely from the inclusion of some clean vocal work which lifts the whole track to dizzy heights indeed.
This album will appeal to fans of Scar Symmetry and similar but also to fans of more traditional Thrash as well, the band have managed to create an album full of modern flair and exuberance whilst maintaining a core traditional sound upon which to build.
Highly recommended.

Rating 8.5/10.

1. The Offering.
2. Withdraw.
3. Decompose.
4. Pharynx.
5. Soap.
6. Threshold.
7. Revulse.
8. Killing.
9. Existence.
10. Since Nothing.

Retaliatory Measures are;
Pessi Haltsonen – Vocals.
Kalle Hahtamo – Lead Guitar.
Janne Halima – Rhythm Guitar.
Marko Makipanula – Bass.
Iiro Aittokoski – Drums.

Out now via Massacre Records.





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