Raventale – Dark Substance Of Dharma

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On 2 November 2015
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A really well crafted album, full of diverse influences



Hailing from the Ukraine, Raventale have been producing their brand of Atmospheric Black Metal for some ten years now. Each release builds on the previous in terms of story telling and substance, and gaining many new followers along the way.

The latest offering, ‘Dark Substance of Dharma’ is as complex as it is hard hitting, and yet works well in managing to remain melodically accessible without compromising the core values of the Black Metal genre. The stand out feature of this album though is the bands exceptionally well thought out (or daring) decision to incorporate and explore the mystical leanings of both Tibetan and Indian culture, and in particular (so I am told) the dark Goddess Kali.

Opening track proper, ‘Destroying The Seeds Of Karma’, is superbly well balanced in its delivery, a raw vocal thrusting through a medium paced riff of pure power and energy, in turn giving way in places to a wonderfully atmospheric temple chant that adds such a visual slant to the track. The title track, whilst without doubt a faster affair tempo wise, is equally as engaging, real emotion-stirring material. As I mentioned earlier, the album just oozes melody, something that I did not expect if truth be told but loses none of the killer edge or menace in the process. Even a track like ‘Kali’s Hunger’, which may by some be deemed to be a track that leans towards the more extreme end of the scale, fits perfectly into the grand scheme of the album as a whole. Stand out track for me personally though is the superb ‘I Am The Black Tara’, a simply epic song that switches from crushingly powerful Black Metal riffs to soaring atmospheric passages that encapsulate the whole vibe of the album.

Raventale have produced a really powerful album here, I am reluctant to pigeonhole and say that it belongs purely in a single genre because it has so much to offer. Well worth a listen in my view.


Track Listing;

Intra Mantra

Destroying The Seeds Of Karma

Dark Substance Of Dharma

Kali’s Hunger

Red Laughs Walking

I Am The Black Tara

Last Moon Fermata


Raventale are;

Astaroth Merc – Guitars

Morthvarg Scar – Guitars, Vocals

Athamas – Bass, Vocals

Grim Me – Keyboards

Khaoth – Drums


‘Dark Substance Of Dharma’ is out now via BadMoonMan Music








A really well crafted album, full of diverse influences

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