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On 19 September 2016
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The debut of Britain's brightest new rock act is upon us - come on in and experience the sheer power of RavenEye.

Sometimes, all you want in life is a loud, bouncy rock album to relax to on a Sunday afternoon. Well, you’re in luck; British-born RavenEye have provided just that. NOVA, out on Friday 23rd, is the full-length debut from a band that have already directly supported The Darkness, Halestorm and Slash amongst others despite their only musical output being a a solitary EP, Breaking Out, released last year. To boot, frontman Oli Brown is an experienced musician, with four solo albums and tours with Joe Satriani and Jeff Beck. And he’s only 27. Some people get all the luck, eh?

There’s lots of little nuances across this record that give NOVA its character – one picks up on the heaviness of Black Sabbath and the grunge tinges of Soundgarden (‘Wanna Feel You’), the fuzziness of Muse and Royal Blood (‘Hate’) and the intense yet easy-going strains of Queens of the Stone Age (‘Madeline’), but at the very heart of everything is a trio who get rock in every single way. Given Oli’s background this is to be expected of course from his perspective, but the musicianship of both Aaron Spiers and Gunnar Olsen deserves mentioning because they are able to hold everything together and give Brown the space and freedom to stamp his creativity all over the record. From the driving power of ‘Come With You’ to the desert rock vibes of ‘Oh My Love’ and on to the quieter yet no less powerful closer in ‘Eternity’, it’s clear to see why RavenEye have garnered huge praise from Mojo and Classic Rock Magazine in their short existence so far. The band head out on a UK tour this autumn and it would be worth catching them – these guys already sound like they’ll grow into homegrown heroes.



Oli Brown – Vocals, Guitar
Aaron Spiers – Bass, Synth
Gunnar Olsen – Drums

Track Listing

I Wanna Feel You
Come With Me
Oh My Love
Out of the Rain

The debut of Britain's brightest new rock act is upon us - come on in and experience the sheer power of RavenEye.

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