Peepshow – ‘Brand New Breed’

Artwork for 'Brand New Breed' by PeepshowIf ever an album was mis-titled, it is this one, as there is absolutely nothing new about it. Now, that’s not to say that it isn’t a good album – in fact, it has some very pleasing moments – but it doesn’t exactly set the world on the fire with its groundbreaking originality. Or, maybe I’m missing the point… maybe the title refers to the band’s youthfulness rather than the material on this 14-track debut album (at least they believe in giving value for money)…

Yes, the album is filled with big riffs and some sparkling guitar playing, and there are loads of catchy hooks and melodies. From the opening of the (I’ll admit) infectiously toe-tapping ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Live Free Or Die’ to the hard-edged ‘Feed On Me’ or the inanely danceable ‘Suffer’, the songs are well-written and performed: but, for every moment of promise there are an equal amount of ones that are just as dire – such as the awful ‘Only A Dream’ (fuck, how I wish it was!) and the totally atrocious ‘Irreversible’, which starts off well in power-ballad territory and then disappears up it’s own backside.

In fact, one of the best things about the album is the instrumental passages, such as the stunning solo on ‘Romance Is Dead’, which is spoiled only by a rather piss-poor production, which also blights many of the other songs.

The one abiding memory which this album leaves is how much these Londoners want to be England’s answer to Black Veil Brides, but maybe with less make up. Well, they shouldn’t try. Just concentrate on writing a few more decent songs to accompany the handful of promising ones contained on this patchy and overall disappointing release.

Sad to say, just 5/10 (mainly for the effort).

If you want to, you can follow check out the band on their official website – – from where you can also buy the album.

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