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Part Time Pilots

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On 22 September 2014
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Lots of different elements in this album Motorhead, Green Day, Jet and Bullets and Octane. Some great observational lyrics, good riffs, well produced. If you like Bullets and Octane then giddy up and give Tally Ho Amigo a listen.

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Formed in 2012 Irish five piece Part Time Pliots already have already released an E.P and an 8 track album called ‘Lovely Girls’ The 5 piece, based in Belfast and Omagh released latest album Tally Ho Amigo via Bandcamp on the 14th May 2014.

Part Time Pilots The album gets off to a galloping start with the title track Tally Ho Amigo with it’s fast pace and Motorhead fast beat it’s a great song and I can imagine this being one which makes you want to get your foot down and burn down the motorway to! I thought these guys were similar to American band Bullets and Octane with vocalist Enda Mc Crory having a voice not unlike Gene Louis. The next song Another Hit with it’s riffage and whoa whoa whoas reminiscent of say Bullet and Octane’s Save Me Sorrow.

There’s some great lyrics throughout Je M’Appelle Sexy with it’s drum and bass start and some screaming riffs is about someone going out and spending all his money, he couldn’t remember anything but a woman, who he had put in his phone under the name ‘Je M’Appelle Sexy. (Oh the irony)’ kept phoning and texting and he needed to avoid her. Good song but serves him right for leading some poor woman on! With Nick Miller we move from avoiding someone to jealousy!

I Came Here To Hit Somebody  with the line ‘You seem to have a face that needs (to be) put back in it’s place’ another good one a bit Green Day meets Iron Maiden, in that I detected a bit of a Running Free style drum beat in places. Bed Skippin’ starts off mellow and acoustic with Bed Skippin’ having him wanting to go drinking again, the song then ramps up and includes a mouth organ but by the end of the song he’s never going drinking again!

Notions has a No Class by Motorhead vibe with some great riffs. Bragging Rights started a bit Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet before quickly merging into something like Gives You Hell by The All American Rejects. Little Green Man had a great bass line and reminded me of Music to Watch Girls By by Andy Williams albeit a punked up version. The album ends on an almost melancholy note with Repeat All which sounds almost acoustic starting with the line ‘It’s not so glam being boys these boys in bands singing these songs which no one knows because they’re my own’ the song has some faster, louder riffs before finishing on a mellow note. After listening to this album hopefully people will spread the PTP word so gigs will get a bit more glam with people singing along because they know the songs! Good lyrics, good riffs, well produced. Probably a four and a half but we don’t do things by halves at PlanetMosh so it’s five stars for the five lads from Northern Ireland.

The opening track Tally Ho Amigo has got to be the highlight track but there are plenty of good tracks to choose from. I Came Here To Hit Somebody and Bed Skippin‘ are definitely worth a mention too.

Part Time Pilots - Tally Ho Amigo Cover
Part Time Pilots – Tally Ho Amigo Cover

Track List:
1. Tally Ho Amigo
2. Another Hit
3. Je M’appelle Sexy
4. Mick Miller
5. I Came Here To Hit Somebody
6. Bed Skippin’
7. Notions
8. Bragging Rights
9. Little Green Men
10. Repeat (All)

Band Members:
Enda Mc Crory- Vocals
Tom Hodkinson- Lead Guitar
Eamonn Doherty- Rhythm Guitar
Michael Hodkinson- Bass
Aarron Mc Callan- Drums

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PTP Bandcamp:

NOTE – Tally Ho Amigo can be purchased via Bandcamp the Amazon link takes you to their earlier album Lovely Girls.

Lots of different elements in this album Motorhead, Green Day, Jet and Bullets and Octane. Some great observational lyrics, good riffs, well produced. If you like Bullets and Octane then giddy up and give Tally Ho Amigo a listen.

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