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Orden Ogan

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On 2 July 2017
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A fantastic album from a great band.

German band Orden Ogan are back with their new album Gunmen.  They’ve already released the video to the single, Gunman, and it’s a spectacular video filmed in Monument valley which is perfect for the Western theming of the song and album.  It’s a great song.

The second song to be released from the album is “Come with me to the other side” featuring the beautiful vocals of former Leaves Eyes singer, Liv Kristine.

From listening to the two videos above you’ll probably have already realised that there’s a strong Power metal element to the music, but as with many bands these days, Orden Ogan don’t stick entirely within a single genre, so it’s better to describe them as Metal rather than Power Metal in my view.

Listening to Orden Ogan always makes me ask one question – why the hell aren’t they far bigger than they are?  The UK seems to have overlooked this band sadly.  The songs are great, well written with strong choruses; the vocals are great and the music is fantastic.  A fantastic album from a great band.

Track listing:

1. Gunman
2. Fields of sorrow
3. Forlorn and forsaken
4. Vampire in the ghost town
5. Come with me to the other side
6. The face of silence
7. Ashen rain
8. Down here (Wanted: Dead or alive)
9. One last chance
10. Finis Coronat opus

If you enjoyed the album and want to listen to more from Orden Ogan, a good starting point is last year’s release – The book of Ogan.  It’s a very impressive release featuring two CDs and two DVDs all packaged up in a book format along with a booklet that features a timeline of the band, loads of photos and more.  One of the CDs is the first demo dating back to 2004 while the other is a best of disc featuring their best songs from 2008-2015.  The DVDs feature a documentary about the band, music videos, and two full live shows – Live at Rochartz open air 2015, and Live at Bruse arena, Bamburg 2015 along with a number of songs from other live shows, and interview and more.  It’s a beautifully presented release and is well worth getting.

A fantastic album from a great band.

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