Orchid – Heretic EP Review

San Francisco’s Doom masters Orchid released their latest EP “Heretic” back in September via Nuclear Blast, as a follow up to the successful album “Capricorn” that came out in 2011. Orchid’s next full length is set to be released next year.

“Heretic” starts with a spoken chant before seething into a traditional Orchid/Doom style with 70’s style vocals that has a familiar sound and feel to it. It is a solid start to the EP.  “Falling Away” starts with acoustic guitars intertwined with mournful lyrics and quiet vocals. Which is a new sound from Orchid, the pace picks up towards the 5-minute mark when the electric parts come crashing in.

“Saviours of the Blind” is another traditional style, bass heavy, Sabbath-ish groove to it and it picks up of pace before the 3min mark and heads towards a rockier sound. The final offering and my favorite, which actually comes from their successful Capricorn album “He Who Walks Alone” is a classic Doom track with its dark bass line that plods along at an unfettered pace, catchy vocals and the drumbeats that will have your foot stomping along! It rounds the EP off to a strong finish.

This four track EP definitely is worth checking out, it weighs in at a very respectable 26mins in length. The songs are constructed well, lyrics penned well and you are treated familiar heavy riffs of the Black Sabbath style, which they meld onto their own Doom blend. The production seems quite basic with the vocals understated and very quiet at times, which helps add to the overall doom-laden feel whilst all the instrumentals are clearly heard throughout each track.

Rating – 6/10

Track Listing:


Falling Away

Saviours of the Blind

He Who Walks Alone







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