Onirophagus – Endarkenment (Illumination Through Putrefaction)


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On 28 February 2019
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Four immense tracks of sublime darkness



Onirophagus sure do pack a mighty punch with the blistering album ‘Endarkenment (Illumination Through  Putrefaction), their first offering since 2013’s ‘Prehuman’

Whilst this technically is the bands second album, to all intents and purposes it could easily be viewed as a debut due to the line up changes and additions that have occurred over the passage of time. The heartbeat remains the same however, with bludgeoning riffs and brutal lyrics at every turn, this really is an album that takes no prisoners. Formed of a mere four tracks and yet playing for nearly a full hour this is Death/Doom at its most potent, the vocal delivery of Paingrinder is malevolence personified as you are picked up and cast in to a swirling cesspool of misery, despair and destruction. The sheer power and brutality of my personal album favourite ‘Dark River’ is simply breathtaking, a song that is full of twists and turns, surprisingly melodic in places and yet totally intent on ripping you apart. The title track ‘Endarkenment’ is a grandiose way to close an album as you are swept along for twenty two minutes on a sonic wave of hopeless emotions

Onirophagus have clearly put a lot of their soul into this record, and it really does shine through. Each track is a mini work of art in its own right, and all are totally engrossing in terms of their construction and delivery. The wonderful balance of pitch black darkness against a shining light of masterful Doom is quite stunning to witness, you can easily listen to this album many times over and each visit will offer something new and different

As an album, ‘Endarkenment’ offers a seriously powerful quartet of songs that will make you question your musical boundaries, and will surely turn more than a few heads along the way

Recommended Track – Dark River

Track Listing;


Book Of The Half Men

Dark River



Line up;

Paingrinder – Vocals

Moregod – Guitars

Uretra – Drums

Desecrator – Guitars

Grindmad – Bass

Shogoth – Guitars


Endarkenment is out now via Xtreem Music





Four immense tracks of sublime darkness

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