Oncology – ‘The Metastasis’ EP

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On 7 August 2015
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"...a suitably cancerous malignancy..."

Oncology is the branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of tumours – and particularly cancerous ones – while a metastasis is a secondary growth of a malignant tumour, separate from the primary one.  However, PM is a music website not a medical one, and therefore the particular branch of Oncology in which we are interested in studying is this new death metal trio from Northern Ireland’s windswept and storm-battered north-western Atlantic coastline.

Oncology - The Metastasis artworkThis three-track debut EP is a suitably cancerous malignancy which is very much rooted in the classic aspects of the DM genre, with its furious pace, dark themes and precise delivery.  The tracks are superbly constructed, with the right balance between light and shade, brutality and subtlety (the latter exemplified by Ross’ exemplary bass work), while the guitars of Connor and Aaron pummel and bounce in equal measure.  The band also use atmospherics to great effect (although the unearthly fade out on closer of ‘The Desolation Of Hope’ is over-long and more suited to the live environment than the recorded one).

In a Northern Ireland scene where exponents of the deathly end of the metal spectrum are as rare as hen’s teeth, Oncology certainly have made an explosive impact and laid down a clear statement of intent to get heads swirling, necks snapping and backs breaking.  I, for one, cannot wait to experience this new project on a stage.

Track list:

Prelude To Oblivion / Beheading Of The Prophets / The Desolation Of Hope

Recommended listening:  Prelude To Oblivion

‘The Metastasis’ is available via Bandcamp.

"...a suitably cancerous malignancy..."

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