Nuclear Perversion – Desolation Rituals

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Nuclear Perversion

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On 2 November 2014
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Filthy bestial soul sucking mayhem

Hailing frnuclear perversion - coverom Germany, this is the debut release and reeks of bestial butchery. There are many adjectives to describe how insanely inhumane this tape sounds; the guitars are full of buzz and are razor sharp in their delivery. Vocally the band have used a dose of reverb to achieve an ungodly sound which doesn’t wash the rest of the instruments out. A lot of bands claim to be old school but usually miss the mark, here we have songs, memorable riffs and full on unabated christ bashing. The downside is the snare gets lost and spoils an otherwise powerful sound. “Sodomic Nuclear Sunrise” and “Crushing the Symbols Of The Ho” are the standout tracks and overshadow the rest of the tape, the rest is good but these 2 really bludgeon hard. There will be fans of extreme music who will complain about the lack of clarity in the sound, but I am sure the purists will lap this monstrous racket up. The black/death/grind extremists will embrace this happily.

Line up

Nocturnal Werewolf of Blasphemous Devastation and Nuclear Goatvomits – Bass, Vocals
Malignant Invoker of Kosmik Apocalypse – Guitars, drums


1. Intro
2. Satan’s Wrath
3. Misanthropic Annihilation
4. Crushing the Symbols of the Ho
5. Weapons of Mass Perversion
6. Fistfuckchrist
7. Sodomic Nuclear Sunrise
8. Outro



Filthy bestial soul sucking mayhem

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