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On 6 May 2015
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So to sum up No Bros - Ready for the Action. It is easy to listen to with no real shocks or vehemence. Just pure early 80's Hard Rock

This is a new band to me therefore I had no idea what to expect, which is actually refreshing. So I stick it on and press play and here is what I heard. No Bros were a Austian hard rock band who formed in 1974, they played rock music in the same vein as The Scorpions and Krokus, this is the band’s 2nd album originally released back in 1982. This re-release on Karthago Records and Pure Rock Records has three new songs added. Ready for the Action slipped past me back then but I damn pleased we caught up with each other later in life.

01.‘Ready for the Action’ (a). You are greeted by synths and you wonder what’s in store. Drums ah! thats a relief, however you’d best dust of the DeLorean and your Marty Mcfly outfit because we are heading for a time slip. I’m pretty sure I can hear some early Scorpions, you know that Klaus Meine “Argh Haha ooh yeh yeh”. It’s a basic track with no real surprises.
02.‘Speedy’. Early 80’s style intro with Organ riffs and basic yet solid drumming. Lyrically it’s ok and easy on the ears. Speedy is one of those tracks that fits within the album but on its own may not stand out too much. But it’s a rocker and that’s ok with me
03. ‘Intoxication’. Organ again! Wait vocals as well, the vocals have a slight edge that remind me a little of a Klaus and Percy hybrid, No bad thing I guess. I am really getting an early Scorpions feel now and back in the day you could have easily had the last dance at your local Rock night with your lady (Who back then by the way would have be adorned in Black Leather and Lace and not rigger boots and combats) Oh the good old days, where have they gone?
04. ‘Backstage Queen’. This track opens with a very Deep Purple sound and chugg’s it’s way into a solid Rocker. The lyrics tell us a story of day’s gone by, and lets face it we all hark back to the good old days and this whole album will take those of us of a certain age right back to them. The track is basic, but good.
05. ‘Second King of darkness’. A nice acoustic start with high end vocals that lead us into a few “Hey you’s”which I am sure have and will be chanted back to the band by the crowd. The Bass is solid as is in fact the whole rhythm section throughout this release. The Drums and bass throughout are watertight and tuned (which by now you’ll know i bang on about, but its important drummers!)
06. ‘On Stage’. Hang on a minute, you know I said this band started to remind me of something back on track two? Well i’ve only gone and sussed it out! It’s nwobhm but then again coming from the 80’s that’s no real shocker is it. This track opens with guitar work that hinted to that genre and now as you listen you’ll get it. Not a bad place to be I guess but not for everyone.
07. ‘We are Strong’. This is a solid track that builds and then stays with you. Lyrically it’s also solid and delivers what we are by expecting with some great keyboard work that brings the track to life.
08. ‘Please Change your mind’. Skipping and bobbling along like a good old rocker should. Good structure and layers that shows the band off, this is one of my favourite tracks of the release and is a real grower, and you can hear the guitar work well which is a plus, so often the mix from this era can be a little fuzzy so modern technology may have cleaned it which is fine by me.
09. ‘Be my Friend’. I’d feared a balled on reading the title, and by bugger that’s what we get. Actually it’s not a ballad it’s more like a letter of Doom and Gloom, seriously asking your ex to be your friend is never a good plan and honestly neither was this track. Not on my list of top rock tracks.
10. ‘Find Myself’. Oh god, more pianos that can only mean one thing….Another ballad, but wait this ones ok. It’s well constructed with better lyrics that don’t send you into a dark place. The piano playing is actually very pleasant. I have to ask though how many ballads one release needs unless of course you actually are the Scorpions.
11. ‘A Night in touch City’. Oh hello this sounds like a city we’d all like to visit right? Lead us into temptation? Ah go on then! This is a rocker of a track that could deliver more with a punchy middle eight. One thing I think would help is better tuning on drums, you’ll notice in my reviews I pick up on this a lot, but it is important Great keyboards though.
12. ‘Back Again’. Guitar intro with floor tomtom thuds fire us into a solid rocker. A good solid track with ok lyrics maybe the backing vocals could go an octave higher to harmonise with the lead a bit more but ok all round.
13. ‘Ready for the Action’. This is the last track and for me the strongest yet. Great vocals throughout with the bounce and skip of real classic rocker. You’ll be singing along to this, a great end to a better than average yet fun release.

So to sum up No Bros – Ready for the Action. It is easy to listen to with no real shocks or vehemence. Just pure early 80’s Hard Rock,the three new tracks sound like they could have been written during the recording of this album, and they fit in well. Sometimes with releases tracks are added and they are very obviously new. I have to say on first listen I was thinking of a 3 / 5 but on the second play the album grew on me more so in all fairness I’m going with a 4 / 5 a great nostalgia kick and worth a listen.

NO BROS – Line Up 1982

Guitars – Klaus Schubert
Vocals – Freddy Gigele
Bass – Michael Ausserhofer
Drums – Franz Heumaderkeys – Nik P. Opperer

So to sum up No Bros - Ready for the Action. It is easy to listen to with no real shocks or vehemence. Just pure early 80's Hard Rock

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