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On 21 July 2018
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An excellent release from these German Power metal masters.

German power metal band Mob Rules release their ninth studio album, “Beast reborn”, in August. Their last album, 2016’s “Tales from beyond” deservedly got great reviews, so they’ve got a tough job on their hands to make sure the new album lives up to the expectations set by “Tales from beyond”. While they’re primarily a power metal band they span genres such as melodic metal, heavy metal and hard rock.

One change since the release of the last album is the addition of a second guitarist, Sonke Janssen. That’s had an obvious impact on the sound, not just because they’ve now got a twin-guitar sound, but also because he’s such a talented player that he adds a lot.

The album starts with “Beast reborn” which is really an intro that gradually builds with the drums, keys and string instruments getting louder until “Ghost of a chance” takes things up to full power. Check out the video for the first single from the album – “Ghost of a chance”…

That gives you a good idea of what to expect from the album – great vocals, powerful guitars, a solid bass line and great drumming. Th songs are all well written and nice and catchy and it’s an album you can happil listen to again and again (and trust me – I have).

The final track on the album is the ballad – “My sobriety mind (For those who left)”. It’s a good song, but the vocals seem slightly odd – perhaps Klaus Dirks is straining to try and get his vocals to work with the female vocalist (who oddly isnt named in the sleeve notes), but they do sound different to the rest of the album. It’s a shame as if he’d stuck to his usual vocals it would have worked better. It’s a minor irritation but with the rest of the album sounding so good it’s a disappointing slip.

I’m guessing if you played this album to a random group of metal fans, a lot of them would love it, but most probably wouldn’t know who Mob Rules are, let alone that this is their ninth album. If you havent listened to Mob Rules yet, check this album out as a great introduction to the band. Obviously their many fans already know how good the band are, so won’t be surprised by the quality of this album.

An excellent release from these German Power metal masters.

“Beast reborn” will be released on 24th August 2018 on Steamhammer/SPV

Track listing:

1. Beast reborn
2. Ghost of a chance
3. Shores ahead
4. Sinister light
5. Traveller in time
6. Children’s crusade
7. War of currents
8. The explorer
9. Revenant of the sea
10. Way back home
11. My sobriety mind (For those who left)

An excellent release from these German Power metal masters.

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