Million Dollar Reload ‘As Real As It Gets’

There are not many bands that stick in my head nearly five years after seeing them for the first time, however Northern Ireland’s Million Dollar Reload are one of them.
I first saw them at the 2nd Hardrockhell festival in 2008 when they played a 40 minute set on the third stage, which was really the onsite pub, the Queen Vic.
What I heard and saw that day was an amazing hard rock n roll band, and I knew they could go onto bigger and better things.
They released, ‘Anthems of a Degeneration’ in 2010 via Powerage and then in 2012 they released ‘A Sinner’s Saint’ on Frontiers Records no less, taking a massive leap forward. They have a third studio release planned for 2014
So fast forward to the present day, and they have just released a live album ‘As Real As It Gets’ which was recorded live at the Diamond Rock Club in Northern Ireland.
What is interesting is that this new album is only available exclusively via the M$R website, and the Million Dollar Reload Official on Facebook, so this is defiantly one for the fans, a reward if you like for the support they have shown the band.
So, what do you get for your money? On the digipack CD release you get sixteen track’s. However there is also a limited edition double vinyl which unfortunately does not contain the final track, ‘ Thin Lizzy’s ‘Cowboy Song”.
‘Superslave’, is the opening track from the band’s debut, so as comes as no surprise to find it the opening track here, this is kiss ass rock and roll.
‘Livin’ in the City’ taken from the 2nd album quickly follows, by which time front man Phil Conalane pipes are well and truly warmed up, his vocal range is truly impressive.
The next three tracks are also taken from the bands 2nd album and receive a thunderous applause by the no doubt sweaty and grinning crowd.
It takes half a dozen tracks to get to the next song from that debut album but, when it comes, in the form of ‘Tattoos & Dirty Girls’ the crowd go mental. I’ve always liked this song and hearing it live reminds me of just how good MDR are, they are a great live hard rock band.
Million Dollar Reload can do wrong tonight, and they reward their fans with a near perfect set, from the blistering `Blow me away`, `Bullets in the Sky` via the rousing `Wicked` every track is met by a loud cheer.
The irresistible bluesy ballad `Broken` takes the fever pitch down a notch or two before the final flurry of ‘Goodnight New York’ and ‘Down To The Wire’ bring the house down.
‘Cowboy Song’ is a great choice of cover and a great way to end the show. Guitarist B.A.M said of the album “This is a raw, warts and all, record… it’s as real as it gets!. It captures an M$R rock gig perfectly.”
The chosen set list is a near perfect mix of the band’s two albums, with 16 tracks in all, nobody can say they were short changed either, it must have been an incredible gig, I only wish I was there.

01. Superslavemillion
02. Livin´ In The City
03. Can´t Tie Me Down
04. Pretty People
05. Blow Me Away
06. Tattoos & Dirty Girls
07. The Last Icon
08. Wicked
09. I Am The Rapture
10. Fight The System
11. Smoke N Mirrors
12. Bullets In The Sky
13. Broken
14. Goodnight New York
15. Down To The Wire
16. Cowboy Song

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