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On 28 December 2018
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The future certainly looks bright for Midnight Prophecy with this stunning debut.

One of the most impressive debut albums I’ve heard in 2018 comes from Midnight Prophecy as their self titled nine track opus has more gallops than the Grand National and more cheese than Wallace and Gromit could ever eat! On a more serious note they have raised the bar high with some stunning musicianship backed by the shrill vocals of Craig Cairns.

With an adrenaline pumping production from Carl Brewer, eye catching artwork from Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art and thought provoking lyrical content. ‘Trapped In Space’ can’t go far wrong as it opens the album with NWOBHM style riffing and glass shattering screams. It pounds along with no frills, just does its job of bellowing out the choruses and firing out finger blistering twin lead work from Christopher Dixon and Danny Quayle. The laid back verses in ‘Obsidian’ (subject matter being alchemist John Dee) pick up pace in the drum driven bridges and melodic choruses as Craig takes command.  The attack of the Twin Towers is covered by ‘Through The Fire’, power metal that bites at the leash, finally freeing itself for a full on mantra of “Take me through the fire into the light, send me to eternal life” as the solos dazzle.

‘Osiris’ (the Egyptian God, lord of the underworld who was killed by his brother) is an enthralling epic of heavy metal that goes up a gear midway after a moody first half. ‘Roanoke’ (portraying the plight of a colony of 115 English settlers who arrived there in August 1587 and mysteriously disappeared) is a masterclass of power and precision as the band shine once again with a lengthy instrumental workout. The slow burning ‘The Possession’ gives space for Craig to hang onto some long, lung stripping notes. The album closes with three epics that take up almost half an hour between them.

‘The Ridge’ (tells of Desmond Doss, an American soldier in World War II sent to Japan but refused to fight, just went to save lives which he did for both sides) seems to be a fraction of its ten minute duration. Soul searching opening verses precede an over the top banshee screamed chorus as it veers off into a furious chest beating battle metal journey of musical versatility. ‘False Awakenings’ is another incredible journey as a plaintive first verse is left at the starting line by passages featuring solos that build into a crescendo of fretboard testing speed. Closing track ‘The Prophecy’, the second ten minute paean that does not overstay its welcome captivates with aplomb during the instrumental passages.

Midnight Prophecy band line up :-

Craig Cairns – Vocals.

Christopher Dixon – Rhythm/lead guitar.

Danny Quayle – Rhythm/lead guitar.

Peter Mansfield – Bass guitar.

Sam Caldwell – Drums/percussion.


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The future certainly looks bright for Midnight Prophecy with this stunning debut.

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